It’s an Employee Market. How Can You Come Out on Top?

Today, companies are dealing with challenges when it comes to securing talent. It’s an employee market, allowing candidates to call the shots in ways they weren’t able to before and during the height of the pandemic. As a result, many employers are left scrambling, hoping they can figure out how they can connect with job seekers.

Thankfully, there are steps companies can take to come out on top. Here are some tips that can help.

Address Pandemic Fears with Sound Safety Practices

Many professionals are hesitant to leave a minor role or rejoin the workforce if they have to head to a physical workplace to handle the duties associated with an open position. Fears about COVID-19 variants and exposure to the virus are common. If a company doesn’t have safety practices in place to keep employees healthy, candidates may seek out opportunities elsewhere.

If you want to connect with talent, make sure that your workplace has reasonable precautions in place. Keep workspaces apart, following social distancing guidelines. Have mask rules in place, as well as a robust cleaning schedule. Offer ample sick leave to employees, ensuring those that fall ill don’t feel pressured to come in anyway. That way, candidates will know that you’re taking the situation seriously and doing your best to keep them healthy.

Remain Open-Minded When Hiring and Prioritize Potential

Many professionals left their roles during or in the aftermath of the pandemic. They reevaluated what they wanted out of their careers, causing them to explore new directions.

If you maintain rigid requirements for qualifying for open positions, you may not connect with professionals who are in the midst of a career change. For example, requiring multiple years of experience in your specific industry or a particular field means you’re missing out on talented candidates who are preparing to head in a new direction, limiting your talent pool.

Instead, make sure any must-haves you include are genuinely needed from day one. Then, focus on candidates who are enthusiastic, willing to learn, and otherwise have the potential to thrive. In many cases, hard skills are trainable, allowing you to cultivate your ideal employee if you hire with potential in mind.

Make Work-Life Balance Easier to Maintain

While many had hoped that the pandemic would no longer be relevant by 2022, that isn’t the case. Many professionals have to juggle increasingly complex personal responsibilities while handling their professional duties. This is particularly true for those with school-aged children impacted by closures and mandatory quarantines due to rising infection levels, though they certainly aren’t the only ones.

If you want to access top talent, finding ways to promote a healthy work-life balance. Telecommuting options, flexible schedules, and generous leave programs could all be part of that equation, as well as health and wellness benefits.

Partner With a Staffing Firm

Partnering with a staffing firm is an excellent strategy when you need access to top talent quickly. Recruitment agencies maintain robust candidate pools brimming with talent. Additionally, they’re hiring experts that know where to look for niche skills or hard-to-find capabilities. Plus, their hiring process is incredibly streamlined, improving the candidate experience while ensuring high-quality matches.

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