How to Handle Job Search Stress

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Searching for a new job is, in a word, stressful. The amount of time and energy required to find a position is often daunting. Couple that with the occasional job rejection, and it’s easy to get disheartened.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to handle job search stress effectively, ensuring you’re able to continue moving forward. Here are some tips that can help.

Have a Job Rejection Plan

While there’s always a chance that you’ll land the first job you interview for, that isn’t particularly common. Instead, it’s normal to get told “no” at least a few times along the way.

However, even though it’s typical to face some job rejection, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to hear. That’s why having a plan for those moments is essential. It lets you prepare for what you’ll likely face along the way, ensuring you can handle rejection with greater ease.

Ideally, your plan should be multi-faceted. Start by having a brief grieving period, allowing you a moment to explore your emotions openly and honestly. Next, pivot your perspective, turning the rejection into a learning experience.

Along with some self-reflection, request feedback from the employer. That way, you can improve how you can improve, allowing you to perform better next time.

Organize and Automate Your Job Search

The amount of time required to manage a job search is one of the reasons it’s commonly stressful. Thankfully, a bit of organization can reduce some of the anxiety of finding a new role.

One great way to begin is with your calendar. Identify times you’ll dedicate to job search activities and set reminders for the start and end times. That way, you begin at the right moment and call it quits for the day before you overdo it.

As you apply to jobs, keep track of your applications in a spreadsheet. List the company, role, date you applied, contact details, and other relevant pieces of information. Then, create a file for your resumes and cover letters, using a straightforward naming convention that lets you know which resume and the cover letter went where and when.

By automating part of your activities, you can reduce the work involved. As a result, you’ll have more time to handle other responsibilities without sacrificing your job search.

The easiest way to begin is with job alerts. Head to several job boards and use filters to define your ideal opportunities. Then, request alerts for new listings that align with those criteria.

Many job boards allow you to set up multiple searches, so consider using a few different sets of criteria to increase your access to positions that could be a good fit. Then, you’ll be able to review the alerts to see if an opening is a strong match, all without spending hours on end scrolling through job boards.

Partner With a Staffing Firm

One of the best ways to beat job search stress is to have an ally in your corner. By partnering with a recruiter, you’ll get unprecedented support and access to critical guidance. Your recruiter will help find right-fit opportunities for you, as well as assist you with resume writing, interview preparation, and more.

If you want to take the stress out of your job search, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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