See the Difference Working with an Employer of Choice Makes!

When you’re looking for a staffing firm to assist with your hiring needs, it’s easy to assume that all recruitment agencies are the same. However, that isn’t the case.

As a company, partnering with a staffing firm that goes the extra mile for candidates – like The Advance Group – is essential. Your access to top talent grows when your recruitment agency is viewed as an employer of choice. Our reputation benefits your business, allowing you to find the skilled professionals you need quickly and easily.

If you wonder what sets The Advance Group apart as an employer of choice and how our position benefits local companies, here’s what you need to know.

The Advance Group, an Employer of Choice

At The Advance Group, we go the extra mile for our candidates. Along with helping thousands of professionals find right-fit opportunities each year, we focus on critical areas that boost the candidate experience.

Communication is always a priority with our team, ensuring candidates feel supported and heard every step of the way. Additionally, we focus on high-quality matches, which benefits client companies and professionals alike. When the fit is strong, job satisfaction and productivity flourish, ensuring employees and clients get everything they need to excel.

Plus, The Advance Group provides candidates with a comprehensive benefits package. Professionals can get access to health benefits, retirement plans, bonus programs, training opportunities, paid time off, and more, ensuring all of their needs are met.

Here’s What Clients Have to Say About Working with The Advance Group

While it’s easy to see how being an employer of choice benefits candidates, it also benefits client companies. Here’s a look at what some of our clients had to say about their partnership with The Advance Group.

Ashlee A., Boelter

“We have worked with several staffing agencies over the years, but working with the Advance Group has been a breath of fresh air! Their professionalism, partnership, and responsiveness to our needs have been phenomenal. Their expertise in an unprecedented job market has allowed us to hire quality candidates we would not have found on our own.”

Henry L., Renkim Corporation

“The Advance Group is a trusted partner for Renkim Corporation. Their representatives worked through challenges during COVID-19 to help address our temporary staffing needs and requests.

“The Advance Group management team was flexible. They assisted Renkim Corporation to implement a solution to resolve a mandate involving several large clients. The Advance Group is our primary contact and resource for temporary labor.”

Kristy S., DSC

“The Advance Group is one of the best staffing solutions I have had an opportunity to work with! Renee and Crystal have done an amazing job plugging into DSC and getting to know us as an employer; what we are looking for in various positions at varying levels within the organization. The expertise offered by this team is dynamic in a complex job market. The Advance Group builds successful relationships with the employers and job seeker alike; how else could they be so quick to offer viable solutions creating a win/win from both aspects!”

If you’re ready to experience the difference firsthand, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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