Are You Prepared to Answer Tough Questions for Your Business?

The Secret to Finding Top Talent The Advance Group

When you need to find top talent for your open positions, your willingness to answer tough questions can dramatically impact your success. Today, the recruitment techniques of yesteryear won’t work. If you aren’t open to digging deep and making real changes, you may find you’re unable to find the job seekers you need.

At The Advance Group, we embrace a “tough questions” approach. By having real, open, honest, and strategic conversations with our clients, we help companies find higher-quality candidates in less time, allowing them to achieve their goals more efficiently. If you want to make sure your business is ready to answer tough questions, here’s a look at how The Advance Group strategy can benefit you.

Why Asking Tough Questions Matters

When it comes to recruitment, many companies get into a pattern. They list openings in the same place, outlining the requirements and must-haves they’ve had in place for years. When they receive applications, they screen using processes they established long ago.

While certain aspects of recruitment should remain unchanged, other areas need to adjust to the shifting conditions and candidate sentiment. Without adapting, companies will struggle to secure talent in today’s tight labor market.

Asking tough questions encourages companies to look closely at their practices, assessing what is and isn’t working from a place of honest reflection. That way, they can make choices designed to improve results, ensuring they can achieve their hiring goals based on the current landscape.

How The Advance Group Helps Business Find Better Talent

At The Advanced Group, one of our core differentiators is our willingness to have tough conversations with clients. “We pride ourselves on building true partnerships with our clients,” said Stacey Bigelow, the CEO of The Advanced Group. “By saying what clients need to hear, asking hard questions, and being direct and transparent about the realities of the labor market and staffing services, Advance does more to develop recruiting strategies that will work in this market.”

“The pre-employment requirements from a post-COVID landscape aren’t ideal in the tight labor market of today,” she continued. “We talk with clients about ‘needs’ versus ‘wants,’ ensuring they aren’t eliminating candidates based on an unnecessary requirement.

“For example, does a client need to require a general math test when a role doesn’t have a mathematical component? How many candidates are they eliminating based on a ‘must-have’ that isn’t genuinely essential.”

“While most staffing companies are happy to take a job order and use any requirements the client sets forth, The Advanced Group works at a deeper level,” she added. “Our goal is to ensure clients become employers of choice, making jobs easier to fill. Then, The Advanced Group works as an extension of the client’s talent acquisition team, connecting them with skilled candidates that fit their real needs.”

If you’re looking for a recruitment partner to help you navigate the tough questions you need to ask, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our process and see how our strategic recruitment approach can benefit you.






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