What’s Your Plan to Battle Increasing Manufacturing Employee Turnover?

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Today, many manufacturing companies struggle with turnover, often more so than in years prior. Along with how industrial professions are perceived in general, how professionals think about employers in this post-pandemic landscape impacts.

Companies need to respond to changing sentiment and adjust to the shrinking labor force if they’re going to remain ahead. If you don’t have a plan to battle increasing manufacturing employee turnover, here are some strategies worth exploring.

Talk to Your Employees

The first step that you should take if you want to boost retention is talking to your workforce. Many professionals reevaluated their priorities in response to the pandemic. As a result, their needs and preferences regarding employers may have changed.

By talking to your teams, you can determine what they prioritize today. This lets you come up with a plan to address their needs directly. Not only does that demonstrate that you care about your workforce, but it makes it easier to position your manufacturing company as an employer of choice, easing recruitment, as well.

Provide Paths for Advancement

Most professionals have aspirations beyond their current roles. As a result, they favor employers that acquire new skills and secure promotions as straightforward as possible.

If your company hasn’t outlined clear pathways for advancement, make that a priority. Consider how each role within your organization can lead to a higher-level position. Then, identify the skills or experience employees need to acquire to make that transition. That way, you can align training initiatives with those roadmaps, allowing you to help your best and brightest achieve their long-term career goals.

Update Your Pay and Benefits

While many assert that money isn’t everything, compensation is always part of the retention equation. If your salaries and benefits packages aren’t keeping pace with local competitors, employees will head to those companies with surprising speed.

However, even if you’re aligned with industry norms, that may not be enough in today’s climate. Many professionals aren’t just rethinking their employers; they’re scrutinizing their careers. If what your company brings to the table doesn’t measure up to what’s available in entry-level roles in other industries, you may still struggle with retention.

Spend some time reviewing local pay and benefits statistics. While you’ll want to start with other companies in your sector, you’ll also want to branch out. See what leading employers in your vicinity offer, particularly when it comes to entry-level positions.

If you’re not keeping pace, updating your compensation is essential. That way, something as simple as pay and benefits won’t be what’s holding your company back.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

By partnering with a staffing firm, you can boost recruitment and retention. By choosing a recruitment agency that’s also an employer of choice, you’ll have an easier time with candidate engagement and employee loyalty. Plus, you’ll have hiring experts by your side, making it easier to navigate challenges.

If you want to battle increasing manufacturing employee turnover, the staff at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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