Three Skills That Immediately Set You Apart from Other Candidates

When searching for a new job, finding ways to stand out from other candidates is essential. One of the preferred ways is to highlight skills that provide value to the employer that isn’t overly commonplace. Often, that can set you apart with ease, particularly if you have all of the technical capabilities required to thrive in the role.

Which skills are best for this can vary depending on the exact nature of the job. However, some are universally desirable, making them excellent places to start. If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the pack, here are three skills that immediately help you stand out for all of the right reasons.

1. Adaptability

If one thing is sure, it’s that change is inevitable. The pandemic was an extreme example of how a situation can turn without much notice. However, frequent shifts in priorities are simply part of the paradigm for many roles. Additionally, a slew of positions requires employees to think on their feet, ensuring they can adjust their approaches to fit the unique needs of customers or clients as needed.

Since change is a big part of many jobs, hiring managers look for adaptability. Suppose you can show during your interview that you’re particularly agile, allowing you to shift your approach strategically or adjust to changing priorities quickly. In that case, you’ll have no issue setting yourself apart from the competition.

2. Self-Awareness

Most workplaces are team environments where professionals are responsible for individual contributions to broader team objectives. Being able to work well with others is, of course, essential. However, if an employee is going to do that exceptionally well, a degree of self-awareness is a must.

Self-awareness ensures that a person can understand how their actions impact others, leading them to choose more conducive approaches to teamwork. Often, they’re inherently more accountable. Plus, they’re aware of their weaknesses, increasing the odds that they’ll work to improve them.

By demonstrating your self-awareness, you position yourself as a strong candidate. You’ll come across as authentic and team-oriented, as well as accountable.

3. Trainability

When hiring managers bring in a new employee, they want someone who can quickly learn the company’s processes. That’s where trainability comes into play.

Along with a willingness to learn, candidate can adapt their approaches and behaviors if they’re highly trainable. They aren’t stuck in their ways or slow to pick up new things, allowing them to reach total productivity in a new environment faster.

Ideally, you want to showcase your trainability during the hiring process. That ensures the hiring manager knows you can learn what’s necessary to thrive in that workplace, turning you into a standout candidate.

Ultimately, the three skills above can immediately set you apart from other job seekers. If you’d like to learn more, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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