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Many candidates assume that you can’t find a fantastic temp job that also comes with a robust benefits package. However, at The Advance Group, that isn’t the case. Our employee benefits program ensures that anyone can access critical benefits, including those working in temporary positions. If you’re wondering what The Advance Group can offer you, here is an overview of the benefits we make available.

Medical and Dental

For many professionals, medical and dental coverage is considered essential. At The Advance Group, we want to ensure that our employees have access to what they need, including comprehensive coverage that helps them stay healthy.

You can become eligible for medical and dental benefits by working through The Advance Group. Eligibility beings on the first of the month following 60 days on assignment, allowing you to get critical coverage even if you’re working in a temporary job.

Additionally, The Advance Group covers 72 percent of the annual cost. That means employees pay less out of pocket while getting the protection they need.

Holiday and Vacation Pay

Paid time off gives employees a chance to rest and rejuvenate without worrying about their paychecks. At The Advance Group, any employee who works in temp jobs can become eligible for holiday and vacation pay.

After working 2,000 hours, employees get access to paid time off in vacation and holiday pay. Whether the 2,000 hours come from a single assignment or several doesn’t make a difference. Once that target is hit, a worker is eligible.

Retirement with Employer Match

Being able to save for retirement is a priority for many professionals. At The Advance Group, we try to make it as easy as possible. After one year of employment and 1,000 hours, employees can participate in a 401(k) plan. Plus, they’re eligible for a 4 percent employer match, allowing them to save more with greater ease.

As with the vacation and holiday pay, it doesn’t matter if an employee hits the one-year and 1,000-hour targets through one assignment or several. Since that’s the case, those working in several temp jobs during the year can qualify.

Referral, Attendance, and Performance Bonuses

At The Advance Group, we believe that employees should be rewarded for exceeding expectations. We offer excellent attendance and performance bonuses to many workers, ensuring they’re recognized for their reliability and dedication to their roles.

However, The Advance Group also goes further. If you refer a job seeker, you can become eligible for a referral bonus once they land an assignment and complete a minimum number of hours. Additionally, we offer a range of other incentives, ensuring our employees get more from their temporary jobs.

Ultimately, The Advance Group understands that benefits are essential when seeking new opportunities. If you’re looking for a temp position that gives you more than a paycheck, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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