Should You Join “The Great Resignation” By Quitting?

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Near the end of 2021, professionals began leaving their jobs in droves. The activity became so widespread that the movement was dubbed “The Great Resignation,” showcasing the magnitude of the exits.

As word of the Great Resignation spread, many other professionals began questioning their job choices. As a result, some started wondering whether joining the movements by leaving their positions was smart.

If you’re debating whether you should join the Great Recession by quitting your job, here are some questions.

Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side, or Am I Getting Swept Up in the Movement?

In some cases, people reevaluate their jobs simply because others leaped. Hearing about people exiting jobs they disliked can seem invigorating, particularly among those who felt trapped during the pandemic – not necessarily by work specifically – and relish the idea of some form of a fresh start.

However, that alone shouldn’t be what spurs a job change. In that situation, there’s a chance that you believe the grass may be greener on the other side when that isn’t the case.

By stepping back from the emotional context surrounding many people’s decision to join the Great Recession. Spend time considering whether your job is a poor fit or dissatisfying and what life may look like if you quit. That way, you can decide not based on a movement but on what’s right for you.

Would a New Job Line Up Better with My Post-COVID Priorities and Goals?

The pandemic caused many people to reassess their lives and priorities. Many found that working from home gave them better work-life balance, making a forced return to the office unappealing. Others discovered that having the collaborative, on-site work experience was legitimately a better fit, causing a role that’s become permanently remote to be a lousy match for their style ultimately.

In some cases, professionals learned that their field wasn’t as stable as they expected or that their employer wasn’t prepared to ensure the well-being of their staff. Some determined that they want something they find more meaningful.

If you find that your current job doesn’t align with your goals or preferences as they are today, that could signal that moving on is the right choice.

Am I Prepared for the Risk Associated with Quitting Without Having a New Job Lined Up?

If you’re thinking about joining the Great Recession but don’t have a new job lined up yet, moving forward comes with risk. Unlike layoffs and many terminations, quitting doesn’t come with safeguards like unemployment payments. Unless you have ample savings to cover a period without working, leaving before you line up a new job might not be a great choice.

Fortunately, if leaving your role is the right choice, it’s possible to find something new quickly. By partnering with a recruiter, you can learn about opportunities at leading employers in the area. The hiring process is often far faster, allowing you to secure a new position that meets your needs quickly and efficiently. Then, once you have a new role, you can give your notice and move on to something better.

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