Brag a Little: Tips for Showing Off Your Strengths in a Job Interview

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During your job interview, highlighting relevant strengths is essential. You give the hiring manager insights into critical capabilities, making it easier for them to envision you succeeding in the role.

While bragging a bit may feel uncomfortable, it’s a critical part of job interview success. If you want to show off your strengths during a job interview, here are some tips for approaching them correctly.

Develop an Elevator Pitch to Use as an Ice Breaker

One question is almost guaranteed to come up during a job interview: tell me about yourself. In many cases, candidates aren’t entirely sure how to approach their answer, partially because the question is so open-ended.

However, this is an exceptional opportunity to highlight your strengths. By developing an elevator pitch that outlines your career path and showcases relevant achievements – mentioning the skills you used to make them happen – you can discuss the best of what you bring to the table at the beginning of the meeting.

This approach is excellent for setting an overall tone. It’s a chance to impress within the first few minutes. Plus, it introduces the hiring manager to your full capabilities immediately, ensuring you come across as a strong fit before they even begin digging into specifics.

Use Examples When Answering Job Interview Questions

When you’re answering interview questions, examples are a potent tool. Allowing you to “show” the hiring manager your capabilities instead of just telling them gives you a chance to highlight strengths regularly throughout the meeting.

With an example, you get to outline an entire scenario. You can discuss the skills you used to navigate situations, overcome obstacles, or otherwise achieve in the workplace, even if the question itself didn’t explicitly ask about your capabilities. It’s an excellent way to reinforce that you’re the right fit for the job without coming across as arrogant.

Fit More Than One Strength into Your Answer

Candidates face another common interview question: “What is your greatest strength?” While it may seem like you can only discuss one, that isn’t the case. After leading off with your greatest strength, use examples of how you put it to use that allow you to touch on other skills.

With this approach, as long as the example focuses on highlighting your main strength, your answer is appropriate; it just lets you sprinkle in a bit more. That allows you to give the hiring manager a complete picture of what you bring to the table, all while keeping your answer relevant to the question asked.

Ultimately, showing off your skills during a job interview is far easier using the approaches above. You can give the hiring manager extra information at every turn, making it simpler to position yourself as an exceptional candidate.

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