What Do Employees in MI and OH Want? (And Are You Offering It?)

While there is a lot of discussion about how each employee has unique desires for their workplace – particularly those associated with different generations – there are also commonalities. In many cases, professionals prefer some of the same things, many of which they deem critical.

By understanding what employees in Michigan and Ohio want, you can adjust your approaches to meet their shared needs. That boosts recruitment and retention success, all by positioning your company as an employer of choice.

If you want to ensure you’re offering what they’re after, here’s a look at what employees in MI and OH want.

Clear Communication

To put it simply, no employee wants to feel left in the dark. Whether it’s doubts about expectations, a lack of insights into the company’s status, or questions about priorities, missions, and values, a lack of information hinders their ability to thrive. Plus, being ill-informed leads to stress and conflict, creating tension in the workplace.

Ideally, all company leaders should focus on open, transparent communication. Well-informed employees are less stressed, even during challenging times. Plus, they feel valued by management, which boosts morale and productivity.


Recognition is something that every professional wants in the workplace. It lets them know that their efforts are appreciated and that their accomplishments aren’t unnoticed. Without recognition, workers often question whether they’re valued, which is never ideal.

In many cases, even the simplest forms of recognition are effective. A simple “thank you” for completing a task on time and to the proper quality can go a long way. Couple that with more significant gestures for project completions or notable accomplishments, and you cultivate a positive culture where everyone feels appreciated.

Growth Opportunities

Barring professionals nearing the end of their career journeys, opportunities to grow and advance are universally appreciated. Healthy challenges and chances to acquire new skills keep work engaging. Plus, it helps them move forward along their career path, ensuring they’ll be able to climb up the ladder as they acquire new skills.

Growth opportunities also boost recruitment and retention. Many professionals seek out employers that will help support their career goals, making your company more attractive to candidates. Additionally, when employees can keep learning and move up, they’re less inclined to seek opportunities elsewhere purely for promotion.


A sense of connection is compelling in the workplace. Along with building comradery with teammates and managers, feeling that their tasks help further a critical mission (beyond profitability) makes even mundane activities more meaningful. Together, that creates a happier environment. Plus, it boosts engagement, leading to higher productivity and better outcomes.

Ultimately, professionals in any industry and from every generation seek what’s outlined above. By ensuring you bring that to the table, you can boost recruitment, increase retention, and otherwise cultivate your ideal workforce with greater ease.

If you’d like to know more about how you can give employees what they want, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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