The World of Work Is Changing. Here’s How an Employer of Choice Can Help Your Business Navigate It!

The World of Work Is Changing. Here's How an Employer of Choice Can Help Your Business Navigate It!

Saying that the pandemic impacted the working world feels like a major understatement. Professionals’ perceptions have dramatically changed, altering their expectations in regard to their roles and their employers. Job search trends have also shifted, at times in ways that companies don’t realize.

Adapting to the changing landscape is essential for any employer looking to fill vacancies quickly and efficiently. With that in mind, here’s a look at how the world of work is changing and how an employer of choice can help your company navigate it.

How the World of Work Is Changing

Today, professionals don’t view their jobs the same way as they did pre-pandemic. Often, they’re far more open to shifting between opportunities, particularly while the labor market is in their favor. Professionals simply won’t settle for positions that leave them dissatisfied or wages that don’t align with local industry norms. If they feel undervalued or unchallenged, they’ll seek out a better option elsewhere.

On the job search front, candidates aren’t responding to generic job ads that focus solely on the company. Instead, they want to see compelling employer value propositions, highlights of the company’s culture, and other tidbits that help them determine if the workplace is the right fit for them.

As for hiring processes, lengthy applications and numerous interview rounds aren’t being tolerated to the same level. If you’re asking candidates to provide a resume, fill in the same information on an application, answer several essay questions, and do a quick skills or behavioral screener right at the beginning, an increasing number of job seekers simply won’t finish. Similarly, if you go beyond the typical one to three rounds of interviews – depending on the level of the role – candidate engagement will tumble, and some job seekers may even abandon the process.

On the work front, flexibility isn’t just a nice benefit; it’s outright expected in many fields. Whether that involves alternative schedules, telecommuting, or both, many professionals know they can excel when given a bit of wiggle room. Additionally, gone are any illusions that such arrangements impact their productivity negatively.

Essentially, professionals know that there are opportunities to be had, and they know there’s more to work than a traditional workday at a company’s site. As a result, they’re looking for something far different than in years past, and they won’t stop searching until they find it.

How an Employer of Choice Can Help

When you partner with a staffing firm that’s also an employer of choice, you get an edge in the current market. Along with recruiters that understand the ins and outs of the landscape, you’ll work with recruitment experts that know how to tap top talent. Along with robust candidate databases filled with vetted active and passive job seekers, the recruiters know how to connect with hard-to-find professionals for challenging vacancies.

Plus, highly skilled candidates more readily turn to an employer of choice and trust the judgment of those recruiters. Job seekers know they’re respected and that the agency will treat them right, increasing the odds they’ll accept an offer presented by their recruiter.

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