These 3 Phrases Could Backfire in Your Next Interview

These 3 Phrases Could Backfire in Your Next Interview

Most candidates know that job searches are challenging but assume that little errors aren’t usually a big deal. While that can undoubtedly be true for little stumbles, not all mistakes will get ignored by the hiring manager.

In most cases, it wouldn’t seem like a simple sentence could cause you to miss out on a job opportunity. However, if you use specific phrases during your interview, that’s exactly what can happen.

Even seemingly small mistakes can have a major impact during a meeting with a hiring manager. That’s why it’s critical to avoid statements that might backfire. If you’re preparing for an interview, here are three phrases you don’t want to use.

  1. I’m Not Sure What Your Company Does

Whether the hiring manager asks a question referencing the company’s products or services or you get a chance to ask some questions near the end of an interview, saying you don’t know what the company does will backfire. The same goes for implying that you aren’t sure about its offerings, even if you don’t admit it outright.

Saying you don’t know what the company does – directly or indirectly – shows you didn’t tackle some very basic research before you came into the meeting. As a result, it makes you seem disinterested or lazy, at a minimum.

  1. I’ll Stick Around for a Few Years

Regardless of whether a job or workplace seems like an excellent long-term fit, putting a time limit on your stay is never a wise move. It suggests that there’s something about the position, company, or culture that you don’t find appealing and that you’d likely move on as soon as you got the chance.

Whether you’re asked to discuss how long you envision staying with the company or where you see yourself in five years, always make it seem like sticking with this employer is part of your plan. That makes you seem like a better investment, increasing the odds that you’ll move forward in the hiring process.

  1. No, I Don’t Have Any Questions

At the end of an interview, the hiring manager typically asks if you have any questions. While it may seem like saying, “No, I don’t have any questions” isn’t a bad idea – or might work in your favor by showing you did your research and paid attention – that isn’t actually the case.

When you don’t ask questions, it can make you seem disinterested in the job. It implies that you aren’t curious about the nuances of the role or workplace, so the hiring manager may assume that you wouldn’t want the position at that point.

By asking intelligent questions, you’re demonstrating enthusiasm for the opportunity. Plus, it gives you a chance to ensure that a job is legitimately a good fit, allowing you to make smarter career decisions. Since that’s the case, it’s always best to have a few questions at the ready.

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