Is Your Workplace Taking Part in Michigan’s Mobility Workforce?

Is Your Workplace Taking Part in Michigan's Mobility Workforce?

In Michigan, the mobility industry is thriving. Whether it’s building smarter roads, creating leading transportation solutions, or crafting affordable EVs, Michigan is working to lead the way.

While a substantial part of the Michigan workforce is focused on mobility – with approximately one in five jobs being a part of the sector – presence alone isn’t enough to become a global leader. Instead, it’s creating a diverse, highly skilled workforce that can set the state apart. With this intangible advantage, Michigan can secure an edge.

As an employer, you have a unique opportunity to play a significant role in Michigan’s mobility workforce. Here’s what you need to know.

The Benefit of Offering Competitive Compensation

The mobility industry requires a slew of highly-developed skillsets. From technology professionals to advanced manufacturing specialists, securing talent with expertise is essential.

Often, the clearest way to attract the right kind of talent is through competitive compensation. Having well-paying jobs has been a classic path toward manufacturing success. Along with improving hiring and recruiting, it signals to candidates that roles in this sector are viable career options. Since interest in industrial jobs has declined over recent decades, this strategy can bring in a fresh generation of skilled professionals, increasing the industry’s odds of success.

Embrace the Power of Training

Michigan is actively working to ensure the workforce of today can meet the demands of tomorrow. Through programs like the Michigan Revolution for Electrification of Vehicles (MiREV), the state aims to assist companies in building job training academies designed to help organizations cultivate a skilled workforce.

However, even without the presence of state-sponsored programs, employers can still capture the benefits of offering training. When you’re open to this approach, you have the opportunity to hire candidates based on their potential, allowing you to mold your ideal employee.

Support Green Initiatives at Every Level

In many ways, the future of mobility is green. Whether that’s advancements in EV technology, low-impact infrastructure development, or anything else, being a part of that movement is beneficial to companies.

How you’ll want to approach this varies depending on your company’s products, services, and position. If you’re actively a part of the mobility industry, embracing green solutions and technologies can help future-proof your business. If you’re in another sector, going green internally lets you play a part in this revolution.

Choose a Hiring Partner Like the Advance Group That Supports Your Goals

Today, hiring is far more challenging than in years past, particularly if you’re targeting in-demand skillsets. By choosing a staffing partner that understands the nuances of the local labor market and will spend the time to learn about your culture and goals, you’ll get exceptional candidates with greater ease.

Plus, partnering with a recruitment agency allows you to achieve higher hiring efficiency. You’ll have a team of knowledgeable recruiters by your side, along with access to their well-developed talent pool.

If you need hiring assistance to ensure your company remains competitive, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our services today.




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