Get Your Career Off On the Right Foot with a Temp-to-Hire Role

Get Your Career Off on the Right Foot with a Temp-to-Hire Role

When you’re starting a new career, it might seem like opportunities are hard to find. Many employers want candidates with experience when they’re filling permanent positions, even if the role is generally considered entry-level. For those taking their first steps into the workforce, professionals returning after taking a break from their career, or anyone interested in a career change, this can be incredibly frustrating.

Fortunately, there is a solution. By choosing a temp-to-hire job, you can start your career off on the right foot with greater ease. If you’re wondering why you should consider a temp-to-hire role, here’s what you need to know.

Find a New Job Faster with Temp-to-Hire

When you need a new job, it’s common to face certain obstacles. If you have little work experience, you may struggle to find an employer that’s willing to take a chance on you if they’re filling a permanent position. Similarly, if you’re switching careers, connecting with a company that is open to bringing you on board can be challenging, especially if you commonly face off against candidates with experience in that industry.

With temp-to-hire, companies are typically more willing to take a chance on a candidate if they seem to have potential. The hiring arrangement comes with significantly less risk on their end, making them more open-minded when it comes to unconventional candidates. That works in your favor, increasing the odds that you can secure a job in your preferred industry quickly.

Make Lasting Connections While Building Skills

In a temp-to-hire job, employers often know that a degree of training is typically essential. This allows candidates to benefit from skill-building opportunities. Along with learning how a particular company operates, you’ll usually get exposed to skill areas that you may not have encountered previously in your career.

Additionally, you get a chance to connect with a wide range of professionals at your new workplace. Along with expanding your network, you can benefit from their expertise, giving you new tools and relationships that can serve you well moving forward.

Evaluate a Job Before Accepting a Permanent Offer

Finally, accepting a temp-to-hire job gives you the unique ability to try out a position before you commit to a permanent job. This is akin to companies using temp-to-hire roles to conduct working interviews. You’ll get a chance to try out the position first-hand, allowing you to ensure your skills are a fit and that you find the job fulfilling. Plus, you have a chance to see if you mesh with the company’s culture, allowing you to assess various intangibles that are difficult to evaluate any other way.

While the goal of a temp-to-hire job is usually to secure a permanent position, you aren’t required to accept. If the role isn’t a match, you can complete the assignment and move on to another opportunity, giving you a chance to genuinely find the best fit possible.

If you’re ready to explore temp-to-hire opportunities with leading employers in the area, the staff at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of temp-to-hire and explore our current openings.




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