Hate Your New Job? Here’s What to Do Next!

Here's What To Do If You Hate Your New Job

Starting a new job is exciting. You’re usually optimistic about what the future holds, especially if the role seemed like a great fit during the hiring process. That’s why it can be incredibly disappointing if it wasn’t what you envisioned, particularly to the point where leaving seems like your best bet.

While there are steps you can take to potentially turn a bad job into a better one, specific issues are hard to correct. For example, if the culture is toxic or the position was significantly misrepresented, heading for the door may be the better choice. If that’s the case, here’s what you need to do to move on to something new.

Keep Performing to the Highest Standard

When you hate your new job, it’s disheartening. As a result, you may struggle to remain motivated to exceed expectations while in the role. However, maintaining the highest possible standard is essential for several reasons.

First, you may need to use this company as a reference, and a poor performance would make that difficult. Second, failing to meet expectations can lead to a termination, which can hinder your next job search. Finally, many managers have strong networks, and word that you didn’t meet expectations could spread even if you don’t formally list them as a reference.

Make sure you keep up with your responsibilities and ensure the quality remains high. That ensures you make the best possible impression while you’re there.

Identify the Issues That Make the Job a Poor Fit

While a bad job is frustrating, it’s also a learning opportunity. You can learn a lot about what you don’t want in a role or employer, and that’s information that can benefit your next job search.

Consider what aspects of the job aren’t a great fit. Is it the duties and responsibilities? Are there issues with the culture? Is the environment a problem? By asking those questions, you can drill down to the core issues, giving you valuable information that can help you land a right-fit role later.

Prepare for Your Upcoming Job Search

Since you’re in a new role, you likely completed a job search relatively recently. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for your next one before you hop back into the market.

First, spend time updating your resume and LinkedIn profile, ensuring this new role is represented. Review common interview questions to ensure you’re comfortable with the answer. Also, make sure you’re ready to discuss why you’re leaving the job so quickly.

With the latter point, your best bet is typically to discuss a misalignment. For example, if the job was misrepresented or isn’t a match for your skills, you could discuss how it ultimately isn’t the best fit for your career and express enthusiasm about finding a better match.

With a bit of preparation, you’ll increase your odds of job search success. Plus, it can help streamline your efforts, making your job search easier to manage.

Partner with The Advance Group to Find a Right-Fit Position

Even if you hate your new position, the idea of launching another job search so quickly may not be appealing. Fortunately, you can get support to make the process easier, all while ensuring the fastest possible results.

By partnering with The Advance Group, you’ll have a skilled recruiter by your side that can help you find a right-fit job quickly. They’ll learn about your skills and experience to find potential matches. Additionally, they’ll factor in your needs and preferences, ensuring the culture is a solid fit, too.

If you’re ready to streamline your next job search and secure a new opportunity, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.




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