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There is no better time to get a manufacturing job. According to the predictions, 2.1 million manufacturing jobs will probably remain unfilled by 2030. If you’re looking for a well-paying, steady job with benefits, a manufacturing job will give you what you’re looking for. But there are myths out there about manufacturing jobs that may keep you from looking into this industry. What are they? As one of the top manufacturing staffing services in the nation, The Advance Group is here to set you straight on what manufacturing jobs are—and aren’t.

Manufacturing Myth #1: US Manufacturing is in Decline

If there are more than two million manufacturing jobs open, does that sound like a field that’s in decline? In fact, the U.S. manufacturing industry is growing, with higher output in 2022 than before COVID. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis says, “In April 2022, U.S. industrial production and capacity utilization reached their highest levels since before the Great Recession of 2007-09…The recent resurgence of the domestic manufacturing sector stands out as one of the U.S. economy’s bright spots in recent years.” All of this production means jobs and opportunities for people just like you.

Fact:  The manufacturing industry is experiencing a resurgence.

U.S. manufacturing firms are literally turning down contracts though, because they have a hiring shortage. This spells opportunity for anyone seeking a job in manufacturing. There are more than 2.2 million open jobs right now in the manufacturing sector. You don’t need an engineering degree to get a great job, either. In fact, you can learn a trade, make great money, and not even have to go to college to have your manufacturing career take off. Too, the industry is increasing their use of technology, which will help you learn new, valuable skills.

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Manufacturing Myth #2: Careers in Manufacturing is Not a Smart Choice

Drop this misconception right now because the opposite is true. Forbes says, “With the best intentions in the world, parents and teachers have steered young people away from careers in advanced manufacturing. It’s understandable, given the persistent stigmas that dog this industry. And yet today, nothing could be further from the truth.”

Manufacturing has reinvented itself as something more than a job. In the 1950s, manufacturing jobs were the rage. These highly in-demand jobs paid great wages and offered the stability that families needed to get ahead. What you may have missed in the ensuing years is that, after a decline in the 90s, manufacturing has reemerged as a lucrative choice for high school graduates and mid-level career switchers seeking a new field. Today, manufacturing roles are tied to technology, which is bringing an entirely new set of job requirements to most of these jobs. Because the industry is struggling to attract top talent (thanks to the persistent myths about the field), they are paying top dollar and offering incentives, bonuses, and even plenty of on-the-job training.

Fact: Manufacturing is a smart choice if you’re looking for stability, longevity, and great pay.

Forbes says today’s manufacturing workers benefit from strong career growth and potential, stating, “High-tech work requires high-level skills that are compensated according, and there are endless opportunities to grow in their professional and technical competency.”

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Manufacturing Myth #3: Automation and Use of Technology will Eliminate Jobs

Actually, the automation that manufacturers are installing these days is there to enhance human jobs so you won’t be stuck doing mindlessly boring tasks. Instead, modern technology is freeing American manufacturing teams to apply their skills to key strategies and tasks that human ingenuity is best at. Why not leave mundane busywork to the machines?

Fact: Automation and technology has enhanced the manufacturing industry.

If you’re looking for innovation, you’ve come to the right place. Today, American manufacturing workers are overseeing everything from mass vehicle power train production to highly specialized design and fabrication of medical equipment. These intricate processes leverage human oversight coupled with technology advancements such as 3D printing and robotics. These companies need humans more than ever at every level, from the most experienced college-prepared engineers to entry-level skilled workers. Manufacturers are also hiring everyone from HR to back-office billing and accounting, and even marketing.

Area Development says, “Automation, robots, and AI technology can create safer, more fulfilling work environments for employees, while simultaneously creating opportunities for workers to gain new skills and advance their careers.” They point out:

  • Robots can do the work the humans don’t want to do—or shouldn’t be doing.
  • Automation will create (not eliminate) 133 million new roles.
  • Automation leads to greater upskilling of employees in key technologies.

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Manufacturing Myth #4: Manufacturing Jobs Do Not Pay Well

So. Wrong. Given that the average hourly wage for a manufacturing job today is just over $25 an hour, and that there are plenty of roles that offer full benefits, it pays to take a look at this industry when considering a new career path.

Fact: Manufacturing jobs pay better than most comparable roles.

One industry expert says, “The compensation premium (for manufacturing jobs) has risen over the past decade across all levels of educational attainment. In sum, manufacturing jobs provide benefits to workers with higher overall compensation than other sectors, and to the economy through innovation that boosts our nation’s standard of living.”
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Manufacturing Myth #5: Jobs in Manufacturing are Physically Strenuous and Filthy

This myth is fairly ridiculous given the level of technology used in the modern manufacturing setting. Precision instruments simply can’t work well in a dusty, dirty environments. Today’s manufacturing facilities require medium- and highly-skilled workers who learn to work with these intricate machines as they create in-demand products in use all over the world. These skilled professionals let the machines handle the manual labor, while they oversee the progress of an automated production line. Manufacturers must fill these open jobs to stay competitive in an increasingly global market.

The manufacturing industry has transformed itself, thanks to modern technology but the myth persists that these facilities are somehow less-than-adequate work environments. Forbes says, “Gone are the grubby factories of the past; today, manufacturing is a high-precision field with the high-tech facilities to match.” The manufacturing staffing services provided by The Advance Group focuses on the latest modern workplaces, best benefits, and top pay.


Today’s manufacturing roles allow you to work smarter by using the best technologies to automate tasks. Now, there is less use of physical labor as modern factories have streamlined their processes and technologies to improve production and at the same time improve the work environment. CNBC quotes a U.S. Senator who states, “The reality is that today’s manufacturing workers are as likely to operate robots as they are wrenches, and use math more than muscle—this isn’t your grandpa’s factory floor.”

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Final Thoughts

Manufacturing has come a long way toward incorporating “white collar” career roles with “blue collar” jobs. The modern face of manufacturing is as lucrative and long-lasting as it is innovative and engaging. It’s a new world, with better operational environments in a career that just may surprise you. All signs continue to point toward long-term growth in this sector and manufacturers are scrambling to find, train, and promote career-minded talent into leadership positions.

If you haven’t considered a manufacturing job, now is the best time to work with temporary employment agencies to check out the field. If you’re seeking a full-time role, a manufacturing staffing services company like The Advance Group is standing by to find you the right fit.

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