This Tip Can Help You Empower Employees and Improve Your Bottom Line

This Tip Can Help You Empower Employees and Improve Your Bottom Line

Empowered employees are engaged employees. When engagement is high, it creates a win-win situation. Your workforce secures higher job satisfaction, which can improve morale. In turn, they’re also more focused and productive, which can benefit your bottom line.

Often, organizations struggle when it comes to employee empowerment. Usually, this is due to the fact that company leaders are making assumptions in regard to what makes employees feel more capable and valued. As a result, it’s common for employers to miss the mark, leading to lackluster results.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to get things moving in the right direction. If you’re wondering what your company should two, here’s one tip that can help you empower employees and improve your bottom line.

Flip the Delegation Script to Empower Your Employees

In most organizations, delegation involves a manager divvying up tasks among team members. It’s a simple way to ensure that all required duties are handled in a timely fashion. However, while it’s a classic approach, it doesn’t always lead to greater employee empowerment.

When many managers delegate, they merely give instructions to employees and outline various expectations about what the worker needs to do. As a result, the employee isn’t part of this process, aside from handling the responsibility once it’s handed over. If you want to empower employees, flipping the script can make all of the difference.

Turning delegation on its head allows employees to have a say in regard to the tasks they’ll tackle. It invites team members to take part in the decision-making process, empowering workers by offering them the ability to choose. Team members can discuss all of the required tasks for a project or that fall in their niche. Then, they can work together to divvy up the work in a way that’s rewarding.

This approach essentially allows employees to do more of what they enjoy, which can increase job satisfaction. Plus, by getting them involved, management is respecting their perspective and valuing their input, which boosts morale. It also creates a sense of ownership, which is empowering.

While there may be a need to delegate less desirable tasks at the end, that will be less challenging since every employee has a say in their workload. It ensures that there’s balance between responsibilities they want to take on and those that may be a bit mundane in nature. As a result, they’ll have higher motivation since they’re doing more of what they’ll love, which can translate into improved outcomes for the other activities that simply must be handled.

Launching This New Strategy at Your Company

Often, the easiest way to test out this new delegation strategy is with projects. You’re working with a subset of the team, which makes the decision-making process easier. Plus, projects are finite in nature and occur regularly, making them an excellent way to introduce the concept.

At the start of the project, bring the team members together to talk about the required steps and responsibilities. Then, gauge their excitement for various aspects of the work and ask which tasks ignite their passion. After that, work together to determine who will handle what, allowing employees to play a role in their work destiny.

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