Where Will Talent Acquisition Head in Q4?

Where Will Talent Acquisition Head in Q4?

Today, many companies are still reeling from the Great Resignation. Additionally, they’re facing challenges related to labor shortages and a candidate’s market. Overall, talent acquisition in the current landscape isn’t easy, and many organizations are wondering whether Q4 2022 will continue with more of the same or if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ultimately, certain recruitment trends can provide some clarity. Some impact how companies are approaching talent acquisition, while others reflect shifts in candidate sentiment. By considering them as part of a singular talent acquisition whole, employers can increase their odds of success in 2022 and into 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

Automation and Lead Nurturing Join Hands

Automation in the talent acquisition landscape streamlines many recruitment processes. However, they have a tendency toward being depersonalized, which can prevent certain aspects from resonating with job seekers, ultimately harming candidate engagement.

Maintaining automated practices – such as resume screening through an applicant tracking system (ATS) – is wise, as it can help expedite hiring. However, lead nurturing is also vital. Companies should embrace technologies that simplify recruitment while seizing opportunities for personalization.

For instance, while an automated email stating that a resume was received is fine, future communications should be customized to the candidate. By using technologies as notification resources – effectively prompting hiring managers to reach out instead of sending automated emails directly – can make the experience feel more personal, leading to higher engagement.

Combining Culture and Compensation

Whenever it’s a candidate’s market, competitive compensation is a must. If your company fails to meet or exceed what’s available from competitors in regard to salaries, benefits, and perks, both recruitment and retention will be increasingly challenging. Today, job seekers know they have options, so many aren’t afraid to look elsewhere if they feel an employer falls short in this arena.

However, candidates are also prioritizing company culture. Having a supportive, inclusive environment that focuses on recognition and provides opportunities for growth is often viewed as a must. As a result, in the world of talent acquisition, employers need to bring both to the table if they’re going to connect with top talent.

The Rise of the Employer Value Proposition

Positioning your company as an employer of choice is impactful when it comes to talent acquisition. Organizations that fall in that category are considered highly desirable by candidates, which can lead to more interest and generate more applications, boosting a company’s talent pool.

Often, the first step to ensuring your company is viewed as an employer of choice is having a compelling employer value proposition. Along with providing your workforce with everything they need to thrive and ensuring your culture is strong, knowing how to articulate these benefits to candidates outside of your company can cement your reputation.

Additionally, showcasing your employer value proposition in any vacancy announcements is essential. That can set the right tone, ensuring job seekers who aren’t familiar with your organization know what you bring to the table, making your opportunities more enticing.

Ultimately, the talent acquisition landscape will remain challenging in Q4 2022 and will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, by having a skilled recruitment team by your side, accomplishing everything above and more is far easier.

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