Preparing for 2023: Here’s What to Consider for Your Workforce Planning Strategy

Preparing for 2023: Here's What to Consider for Your Workforce Planning Strategy

During this time of year, many companies start looking ahead and preparing, ensuring their workforce planning strategy can help them excel in 2023. However, that may seem particularly tricky this time.

Unique situations arose during 2022, and certain economic factors are creating a degree of uncertainty for the year ahead. As a result, company leaders may need to adjust their approach.

If you’re preparing for 2023, here’s what you need to consider for your workforce planning strategy.

Updated Sourcing Strategies

Companies have been battling labor shortages for some time. Couple that with skill gaps and shifting employee sentiment in the aftermath of the Great Resignation, and many organizations are struggling to secure the talent they need to thrive.

As a result, your workforce planning strategy should include updated sourcing methods. Look beyond your career page and traditional job boards, as those alone may be insufficient. Instead, incorporate other techniques. Social media recruiting is particularly effective when you want to broaden your talent pool to include younger professionals, and it’s often cost-effective.

Working with a recruitment agency is another smart option. You’ll get expert guidance and support from professionals who focus solely on recruiting. Plus, staffing firms maintain deep talent pools filled with vetted active and passive candidates, giving you quick access to a wide range of skill sets.

Enhanced Workforce Agility

Inflation and a possible recession are impacting businesses in nearly every sector. As a result, your workforce planning strategy should include a degree of agility. The ability to scale up and down to meet demand or control costs can make weathering this kind of economic uncertainty easier, so it’s wise to include it.

By partnering with a recruitment agency that offers an array of hiring options – including temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct placement – you can choose the strategy that provides you with the needed degree of agility. Plus, temp and temp-to-hire options dramatically reduce risk while lowering costs.

Since the employee is initially on the recruitment firm’s payroll, companies aren’t shouldering the administrative burden associated with the new hire until they’re sure it’s a match. Further, unemployment and worker’s compensation are initially handled by the staffing agency, reducing your costs while controlling risk even more.

Improved Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement is a critical factor in the workforce planning strategy equation. When job seekers are invested and supported, they’re more inclined to stick with the hiring process, accept an offer, and remain with the company long-term. As a result, finding ways to enhance the candidate experience is essential for companies in every industry.

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