Interested in a Warehouse Position? Here’s 3 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Forklift Worker

Interested in a Warehouse Position? Here's 3 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Forklift Worker

Many job seekers are surprised by the variety of warehouse positions that are available. If you’re interested in the warehousing industry and are trying to pick a suitable role, becoming a forklift worker could be a great move. It offers long-term career potential, and that’s just one of the benefits.

A warehouse employment agency shares three reasons to consider becoming a forklift worker:

1. High Demand Leads to Competitive Salaries

First, it’s critical to note that forklift drivers are in demand. Nearly every warehouse needs employees in these roles. Plus, there are opportunities in production facilities, manufacturing plants, shipyards, logistics centers, and more.

There’s also a shortage of qualified forklift workers. Since that’s the case, demand is high while the supply of candidates is low. Along with leading to ample opportunities, this imbalance means that competitive salaries are typically easy to secure. Higher pay is classically how companies compete with one another to secure top talent, which can mean a long and lucrative career for you.

2. Launch a Career Without a Degree

While many careers require a significant amount of formal training or college degrees to get started, that isn’t the case with forklift driver positions. Companies are required to provide specific training to all of their forklift operators upon hire based on rules set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and similar state-based agencies. That training is mandatory regardless of the new hire’s previous experience or training.

While most of the training requirements focus on safety, companies often have more comprehensive training options available. Since there’s also a shortage of qualified forklift workers, employers are increasingly willing to train new hires even if they have no previous experience or training. As a result, you may qualify for the role as long as you have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

3. Acquire Numerous Transferable Skills

When it comes to skill development, accepting a forklift driver position won’t just give you a chance to hone your forklift operating skills. You’ll also gain a slew of other transferable skills that can apply to a wide range of roles.

For example, driving a forklift can improve situational, safety, and spatial awareness. These are valuable in any industrial environment, as the fast-paced nature of these workplaces makes spatial, situational, and safety awareness must-have capabilities.

Forklift driving can also introduce you to the broader world of equipment operation. While every piece of machinery is different, you’ll learn concepts that apply to other types of equipment. In some cases, you’ll also acquire troubleshooting and maintenance skills, though this varies from one employer to the next.

Finally, forklift driving teaches you attention to detail and problem-solving. You often have to memorize the locations of products or materials, ensuring you pull the right ones or deliver them to the correct area. Problem-solving factors in when you’re moving through complex environments, having to stack items safely, or taking on similar challenges.

Connect with a Warehouse Employment Agency in Toledo or Detroit to Find Forklift Jobs

Ultimately, becoming a forklift worker can be the foundation of an excellent career, giving you new capabilities that can keep you moving forward or help you transition into other roles. If you’d like to find a forklift job, The Advance Group has warehouse employment agencies in Toledo, Southgate, and Monroe that can help. Browse our warehouse jobs in Ohio and Michigan and apply today!




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