How to Determine a Company’s Culture When Job Hunting

Ways to Determine a Company's Culture When Job Hunting The Advance Group

Most candidates view company cultures as priorities when seeking out new opportunities. When the fit is right, a strong culture helps employees excel. Plus, a positive company culture can enhance engagement, boost morale, and improve productivity, leading to higher job satisfaction.

In many cases, gauging a company’s culture when job hunting is tricky, particularly if you don’t turn to the right resources.

If you want to make sure you can determine a company’s culture during your job search, here are some helpful tips.

Do Your Research

When you need to assess a company’s culture, begin by doing some online research. Check out the company’s career pages, job ads, and social media profiles for insights. You can also read reviews on websites that allow current and former employees to offer their opinions.

If you have the team manager’s name, consider checking out their public social media profiles. This might provide insights about their expertise, management style, views on innovation, and more, making it a valuable way to gather information.

Broaden your research by tapping into your network, too. Speak with current or former employees, as well as others in the field or industry who may have insights to offer.

Ask Questions During Interviews

Candidates usually get an opportunity to ask the hiring manager questions at the end of an interview, so use this time to learn about the company’s culture. Ask the hiring manager to describe the culture, as well as their leadership style and the current team dynamic. Finding out what the hiring manager likes most and least about working there is often enlightening, as well as how the company differentiates itself from competitors. Asking about the key traits that will help someone succeed in the role also helps, as it shows you details about the hiring manager’s priorities and the type of person that is likely to excel in the job.

Be Observant When On-Site

Being observant when you’re on-site can give you clues about the company’s culture. As you enter the building for an interview, gauge the mood of the employees you pass and get a feel for the workplace.

Examine the environment and work areas, and listen to the tone of anyone speaking. See how much workstation personalization is present, as well as assess the lighting, temperature, color palette, and other environmental factors. Often, these points reveal a lot about a company’s priorities, values, and vibe, which helps you determine the overall culture.

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