What Are Candidates Really Looking for in a New Role?

This Is What Candidates Are Really Looking for in a New Role

Securing top talent is challenging in the current landscape for nearly every employer. However, it’s beyond cumbersome if your company isn’t meeting job seekers’ needs. That’s why it’s essential to understand what candidates are really looking for in a role.

By knowing what job seekers are after, organizations can make adjustments to ensure they’re attracting top talent.

Here’s a look at what candidates really want to find when seeking out new opportunities.

Health Benefits

While health benefits like medical insurance and wellness programs have long been priorities for candidates, that’s increasingly the case in the post-pandemic landscape. Professionals understand the value these benefits can provide. As a result, they’re less inclined to consider positions with companies if those offerings aren’t available.

Paid Time Off

Paid time off – including sick leave and vacation leave – is highly sought by candidates. These programs allow professionals to manage personal obligations, care for themselves when ill, and take breaks to support their well-being while maintaining their paychecks, all of which are increasingly seen as vital.

Leave programs that aren’t overly rigid are also favored. While companies can certainly apply some constraints when it comes to vacation time, using it needs to be relatively simple. Otherwise, paid time off isn’t viewed as accessible.


The desire for flexibility is increasing for many professionals. Often, this can unfold in one of two ways. First, many office-based candidates seek out positions that allow some degree of remote work. Whether it’s working from home full time or the ability to telecommute several days per week, the arrangement often supports their work-life balance, making it preferred.

Flexible schedules are the second option in this category. The ability to shift work hours to make room for personal activities without the need to sacrifice productivity or use paid leave also supports better work-life balance.

Positive Culture

When it comes to company cultures, essentially all candidates want supportive workplaces that promote diversity and inclusion to ensure all employees are respected and valued. Solid, transparent communication, a mission that creates a sense of purpose, and values that align with their own are also part of the equation.

A growth-oriented culture is also favored. Most professionals want opportunities to enhance their skills and take their careers forward. As a result, companies that are dedicated to upskilling their workforce and promoting internally typically outperform their counterparts when it comes to recruitment and retention.

Pleasant Environment

The physical environment in which employees work matters to candidates, particularly if telecommuting isn’t available. While what job seekers want in this category can vary, most prefer comfortable environments with good lighting, reasonable noise control, and enough space to not feel cramped.

In office environments, vibrancy and room for autonomy are often preferred. For industrial and office workplaces, clean and organized are generally preferred, too.

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Ultimately, candidates are looking for everything above. By offering those benefits, companies have an easier time with recruitment, allowing them to reach their hiring goals. If you’d like to learn more or are searching for skilled candidates for your open positions, The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.




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