What to Know If You’re Considering a Job Change In 2023

What to Know If You're Considering a Job Change in 2023 The Advance Group

The beginning of a new year is a time when professionals reflect on their careers and consider making changes. As with every new year, 2023 is unique, and it’s essential to understand how changing mindsets about work – both from the company and the employee perspective – and shifting economic conditions are impacting the landscape.

By learning about specific trends, professionals can choose a career path that best meets their needs. If you’re considering a job change in 2023, here’s what you need to know.

Work Models Remain in Flux

Remote work dominated 2020 due to the pandemic, and many professionals determined that the arrangement was a better fit for their lives. As a result, interest in remote-only and hybrid options is high among candidates.

While more organizations are open to remote and hybrid options, work models are still in flux. Some companies increasingly require employees to return to the office. This is true for those who are concerned about shifting economic conditions that are set to impact 2023. Being in the office is associated with more effective collaboration. Plus, it streamlines employee training, creates a greater sense of connection, and potentially improves the culture. As a result, candidates need to understand that open positions may involve more time in the office than in years past.

Plus, if a recession does occur, there’s also a chance that job seekers won’t have the same amount of leverage when it comes to requesting alternative arrangements. Depending on how the economic decline impacts unemployment, companies may be empowered to require arrangements that better suit their needs and goals. This could lead to an increase in the amount of mandated in-office time.

Greater Emphasis on the Employee Experience

While requiring workers to come back to the office might seem like companies aren’t concerned about the employee experience, that isn’t the case. There’s a growing emphasis on enhancing the employee experience, ensuring workers are fully supported and can obtain improved work-life balance.

In some cases, healthcare and mental health benefits are expanding. Leave policies are becoming more generous at times, and employers are increasingly focused on providing upskilling opportunities to ensure workers can learn and grow. Additionally, employers are working to maintain positive cultures, often by embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and making sure that managers and employees set healthy boundaries to avoid burdening workers after hours. As a result, even if being back in the office is required, the overall experience is improving.

Changing Jobs Sooner Rather Than Later Is Best

For candidates considering a job change, making a move sooner rather than later is potentially best. The beginning of the year marks a time of transition for many professionals, which can create more opportunities for others who are hoping to make a switch.

Plus, hiring patterns may change later in the year if economic conditions aren’t favorable. During a recession, companies typically scale back their hiring. As a result, that could mean it’ll be harder to find something new if candidates wait.

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