How to Prevent Attendance Issues & No-Call, No-Shows

How to Prevent Attendance Issues & No-Call, No-Shows The Advance Group

After a long hiring process, bringing a new hire on board usually comes with a sense of relief. That’s why it’s so frustrating if the incoming employee begins having attendance issues or no-call, no-shows soon after coming on board. Along with harming productivity, it leaves managers wondering if they made the wrong hiring decision. Plus, it could mean having to relaunch the hiring process if the new worker doesn’t improve.

Fortunately, there are steps companies can take to prevent attendance issues and no-call, no-shows when a new employee starts. Here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction.

Have a Comprehensive Onboarding Process

Giving new hires a strong foundation increases their odds of success. Plus, it eliminates any confusion or frustration that a lack of formal onboarding can cause, as employees that don’t feel properly supported or prepared are more likely to stop showing up.

When you develop your onboarding process, think in weeks instead of days. Include classic requirements like a review of company policies and workplace safety, as well as formal training to help introduce new hires to their role. Additionally, spend time familiarizing them with their environment and create opportunities to engage with managers, company leaders, and coworkers, as both help increase the employee’s comfort level.

Write a Formal Attendance Policy

Having a formal attendance policy is critical if you want to prevent absences and no-call, no-shows. The reason it’s valuable is that it officially outlines the company’s expectations regarding attendance. Plus, it allows you to formally describe any consequences for not adhering to the policy, making the penalty for tardiness or frequent unplanned, unjustifiable absences clear.

When you create your attendance policy, focus on clarity. Any ambiguity can leave employees confused about what the company expects, which isn’t ideal.

Additionally, make sure to separate unsanctioned absences from absences that are justifiable, such as unexpectedly falling ill. However, you should also include information about acceptable call-in procedures for those spontaneous events, formally informing employees about what to do to avoid any consequences.

Reward Good Attendance

Incentivizing good attendance is another strategy that’s worth considering. When you offer a reward – such as an attendance bonus or extra paid time off – employees have another reason to arrive on time every day that they’re scheduled. As a result, you’re proactively encouraging the behavior you’d like to see, which can increase compliance with any attendance policies.

For this approach to work, you need to formalize the reward. Define what good attendance means in your organization, as well as the exact incentive employees earn for meeting the requirements. Additionally, consider openly celebrating workers who exhibit good attendance, allowing you to demonstrate that the company follows through on this commitment.

Cultivate a Positive Company Culture

Having a positive workplace makes a difference when you want to limit absenteeism and tardiness. When employees enjoy their jobs, they’re more likely to show up on time every day. In comparison, when workers don’t like their workplaces, they’re far more inclined to call out with little notice or not prioritize arriving as scheduled.

Generally, great company cultures are supportive, welcoming, and positive. Make sure your employees feel appreciated, seen, and valued. Focus on transparent communication and train managers to use a coaching mindset. Address any issues that negatively impact your culture directly, ensuring small missteps don’t grow into a toxic environment.

Ultimately, all of the strategies above can help you prevent attention issues and no-call, no-shows. If you would like more retention tips or are currently looking for high-quality, reliable candidates for your open positions, The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.




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