How to Stay on Top of Ever-Changing COVID Regulations

Laws and regulations regarding COVID-19 can change at a moment’s notice. The situation is extremely fluid, particularly with post-holiday surges being accompanied by the initial vaccine rollout. The landscape is, therefore, incredibly complex for companies. Organizations have to adjust to new regulations quickly, ensuring they remain compliant while also sustaining operations. By staying on top… Read More »

Do You Have Answers to These Behavioral Interview Questions?

When you’re preparing for an interview, practicing your answers to interview questions is a wise move. It allows you to get comfortable with what you want to say and ensure that you can showcase your experience and capabilities effectively. Every interview is indeed, unique. After all, hiring managers’ priorities aren’t always the same, and roles… Read More »

Find a Job With Sick Pay!

Paid time off is often one of the most highly desirable benefits. It allows you to handle your obligations or personal life without having to sacrifice part of your paycheck, making it incredibly important for many workers.  What Makes Sick Leave So Important?  With sick leave, you can take time off from work when you’re… Read More »

3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged This Year

Employee engagement has been a hot topic for several years. When workers are highly engaged, they tend to be more productive. Their outputs are often of higher quality, and they are willing to take on more and enthusiastic about handling their responsibilities. Additionally, engaged employees tend to be happier than their less engaged counterparts. This… Read More »

Grow Your Career This Year (Pandemic or Not!)

Many professionals have seen their careers stall due to the pandemic. Many companies had to tighten their belts during the early days of COVID-19 and invest in areas like remote work technology to keep operations stable. As a result, promotion delays, pay freezes, and even layoffs became fairly commonplace. However, even with the pandemic still… Read More »

Turnover and Five Other HR Trends That Will Shape 2021

Every year, a particular set of trends is poised to shape the business world for the next 12 months. If you wonder what HR trends will impact 2021 the most, here are six that are likely to make waves in the coming months. 1. Turnover Remains a Top Challenge Employee retention has always been a… Read More »

Yes, Now Is the Right Time for Some Time Off

The holiday season is traditionally a time when professionals take some time off. However, COVID-19 altered the landscape. Shelter-in-place orders may mean that traveling is off the table. In some cases, and social distancing recommendations even make visiting family members a no-go. Plus, for employees working from home, taking a vacation may feel inappropriate, regardless… Read More »

What We Do Best (And How It Helps You!)

At The Advance Group, we pride ourselves on being your go-to staffing firm for all of your hiring and job search needs. While we can assist companies and professionals in every niche, we specialize in certain high-demand areas. Whether you’re looking for skilled professionals for temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent placements or seeking new opportunities, The… Read More »

What Type of Remote Worker Are You?

There’s a slew of general advice about how to thrive as a remote worker. The issue is, not all remote workers are the same. Everyone has unique needs and preferences. If those aren’t taken into consideration, even the best, well-meaning recommendations may not produce results. By understanding what type of remote worker you are, you… Read More »