Find a Michigan Job Faster by Looking with an Employer of Choice

As a candidate, you might not assume that partnering with an employer of choice like The Advance Group to find a job could help you secure a position faster. However, that isn’t the case. Along with an improved candidate and employee experience, seeking out an opportunity with an employer of choice can lead to quicker… Read More »

Upskilling: What Your Workplace Needs to Know

For many companies, skill gaps are holding the organization back. Without the right capabilities, teams may struggle to work efficiently. In some cases, certain operational choices may end up off the table, all because there isn’t an employee to support that strategy available. Thankfully, there is a solution to skill gaps: upskilling. By embracing upskilling,… Read More »

Three Skills That Immediately Set You Apart from Other Candidates

When searching for a new job, finding ways to stand out from other candidates is essential. One of the preferred ways is to highlight skills that provide value to the employer that isn’t overly commonplace. Often, that can set you apart with ease, particularly if you have all of the technical capabilities required to thrive… Read More »

Too Busy to Hire? Read This!

Hiring is a cumbersome, time-consuming process. Placing job ads in multiple paces often takes far longer than you’d expect. After that, you have to weed through all of the poor-fit applicants, hoping to find top talent in the mix. Once you find a candidate with potential, you’ll have to deal with all of the screening… Read More »

LinkedIn Might Not Be the Right Place to Find a Job…

LinkedIn has long been touted as the go-to social media platform for career-oriented connections. Along with serving as a way to expand your professional network, it’s possible to connect with hiring managers and recruiters on the forum. Plus, you can apply for jobs using your profile, making it a more accessible option in the eyes… Read More »

How to Land a Job with the Perks That Matter Most!

When searching for a new job, it’s normal to focus on the core compensation elements. After all, the salary you’ll earn and the benefits package are vital parts of the equation, ensuring you can manage your personal life effectively. However, that doesn’t mean you should overlook perks. Many companies offer more to employees, giving them… Read More »

Cut Recruiting Costs (And Find Better Talent!) By Partnering with an Employer of Choice

Recruiting costs can quickly get out of hand, particularly if you’re struggling to find the talent you need. You may end up spending far more than you’d like to get your openings placed on major job boards, only for the vacancy announcement to get buried under a sea of new ads. Couple that with the… Read More »

Find Michigan and Ohio Jobs with Better Benefits!

Whether you’re looking for a new job in Michigan or Ohio or considering launching a job search, it’s normal to focus on the salary. However, that shouldn’t be your only priority. Instead, it would help if you found a position that comes with better benefits, too. By and large, finding a role with excellent benefits… Read More »

Are You Doing Enough to Attract the Right Talent for Your Business?

Today, many companies are battling against unprecedented skill shortages and a shrinking labor force. Relying on tried-and-true methods of yesteryear simply isn’t enough in the current competitive landscape. If you go that route, the odds are high that you’ll end up outdone by competitors who are using creative strategies to connect with job seekers. As… Read More »