Never Call Yourself This…

As the coronavirus outbreak fundamentally altered the daily lives of people all across the globe, more than 17 million Americans found themselves without a job in a matter of weeks. For the vast majority, it’s was entirely unexpected. Additionally, the job loss had nothing to do with their capabilities or performance; it was merely a… Read More »

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” ~Sun Tzu

Many of our workers were displaced from their “normal” jobs and moved to essential positions, some in different companies.  What a great example of working together to make a difference in the lives of so many people. This is what one of our employees, Asia T., had to say about her new assignment through The… Read More »

Need Candidates NOW? The Advance Group Has Them!

Many companies struggle to find the exceptional candidates they need to fill their open positions. The recruitment process can be time-consuming and surprisingly costly. Plus, if you are overburdened with your regular duties, handling hiring becomes a challenge. But, if you need great candidates now, you can’t afford to wait. Luckily, there is a better… Read More »

Are You Applying for One of the Fastest-Growing Jobs? Find Out Here!

Over time, the employment landscape changes dramatically. Many of today’s in-demand professionals are in fields that didn’t exist just a decade or two back. The idea of specializing in artificial intelligence or machine learning would have been unheard of, for example. But, today, roles like that seem commonplace. Specific niches are growing quickly. Professionals who… Read More »

Should You Go Back to Work or Collect Unemployment?

Question: When the opportunity presents itself, should you go back to work or collect unemployment? New research released today by SHRM warns that as many as 52 percent of small companies expect to be out of business within six months. How many job opportunities will that equate to? Answer: Take the job offer now, there… Read More »

Happy 6th Anniversary, Andrea Niceley!

To celebrate Andrea Niceley’s 6th year with The Advance Group, we sat down with her for a Q & A session. Here are a few highlights to enjoy: Q: What quote do you live by? A: “Everything happens for a reason.” Q: What do you do with your downtime? A: Play volleyball, attend country concerts… Read More »

3 Benefits to Upskilling Your Workforce

If a company wants to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing business landscape, they need to make sure that their employees are highly capable. Since the workplace changes rapidly, having the right skills available is essential if an organization wants to thrive. When a workforce is lacking specific capabilities, many companies assume they need to look… Read More »