Turnover and Five Other HR Trends That Will Shape 2021

Every year, a particular set of trends is poised to shape the business world for the next 12 months. If you wonder what HR trends will impact 2021 the most, here are six that are likely to make waves in the coming months. 1. Turnover Remains a Top Challenge Employee retention has always been a… Read More »

Yes, Now Is the Right Time for Some Time Off

The holiday season is traditionally a time when professionals take some time off. However, COVID-19 altered the landscape. Shelter-in-place orders may mean that traveling is off the table. In some cases, and social distancing recommendations even make visiting family members a no-go. Plus, for employees working from home, taking a vacation may feel inappropriate, regardless… Read More »

What We Do Best (And How It Helps You!)

At The Advance Group, we pride ourselves on being your go-to staffing firm for all of your hiring and job search needs. While we can assist companies and professionals in every niche, we specialize in certain high-demand areas. Whether you’re looking for skilled professionals for temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent placements or seeking new opportunities, The… Read More »

What Type of Remote Worker Are You?

There’s a slew of general advice about how to thrive as a remote worker. The issue is, not all remote workers are the same. Everyone has unique needs and preferences. If those aren’t taken into consideration, even the best, well-meaning recommendations may not produce results. By understanding what type of remote worker you are, you… Read More »

What Is a “Candidate Journey” and Is Yours Good Enough?

Every company that hires job seekers has a candidate journey. The candidate journey is the path that job seekers must take when they want to land one of your open positions. It involves every step in your recruitment process, starting with finding the job ad and continuing through the onboarding process. If your candidate journey… Read More »

Planning a Career Change in the New Year? Here’s How to Update Your Resume!

As the new year approaches, many professionals reflect on their careers. At times, this leads them to decide that a change is in order, allowing them to head in a different direction that may be a stronger fit for their skills, offers more security, or ignites their passion. In many cases, navigating a career change… Read More »

Get Past 2021’s Recruiting Challenges With These Tips

The new year is bringing with it a unique set of recruiting challenges. COVID-19 continues to alter the landscape and may make candidate sourcing and hiring difficult for months to come, if not longer. Knowing how to navigate 2021’s recruiting challenges is a must. That way, your company can continue to thrive, even during these… Read More »

5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter – And Enjoy the Holiday Season!

As the weather gets colder, many people adjust their lifestyle. They may spend more time indoors, keeping them in close proximity with household members even more than before. Others may shift their outdoor activities with the season, a move that may increase exposure to cold temperatures. In some areas, heaters may already be running full-bore… Read More »

4 Video Interview Tips We’re Leaving 2020 With

Due to COVID-19, conducting interviews in person is no longer the norm. As a result, many job seekers have had to adapt to hone their video interview skills instead. While much of the virtual interview experience is the same as an in-person meeting, there are some significant areas where the two approaches differ. Ensuring that… Read More »