Looking for Work Before You Graduate? We’ve Got You Covered!

Many students need to work to make ends meet. But finding a job that can work around your school schedule and personal obligations isn’t always easy. Often, a traditional, 9-to-5, Monday through Friday role isn’t going to fit your life, so you need suitable alternatives. Additionally, conventional part-time options like fast food or retail might… Read More »

Happy 4th Anniversary, Ryann Francis!

To celebrate Ryann Francis’s 4th year with The Advance Group, we sat down with her for a Q & A session. Here are a few highlights to enjoy: Q: What quote do you live by? A: “She believed she could, so she did!” Q: What is your favorite holiday? A: Halloween. Q: What is your… Read More »

THANK YOU to our unsung heroes!

The Advance Group would like to express our sincere appreciation to our employees on the front lines. Of course, we are absolutely grateful for healthcare staff and grocery employees, but without our machine operators, production staff, packagers, quality inspectors, janitors, shipping & receiving employees and other supporting staff, our world would be at a true… Read More »

Why Manufacturing Companies Need to Focus on Company Culture More

The manufacturing industry has long been a part of the American economy. While it suffered greatly during the last major recession, the sector ultimately rebounded. Many of the lost jobs eventually returned, which initially seemed like a boon. However, many manufacturing companies struggle to find and retain skilled and dedicated employees. Engagement often wains for… Read More »

When Corona’s Done

Linda Roth, our Operations Manager commissioned a song for the staff of The Advance Group.  Stacey Bigelow has always had the motto, Work Hard, Play Hard.  The video that Linda created is a real look at the “play hard” side! 😊 A special Thank you to Linda for this gift and to Ryan Dunlap for… Read More »

Want to Make a Good Impression at Your New Job? Start Here!

When you start a new job, making a great first impression is critical. You’ll be setting the tone, giving your manager indications of what they can expect now that you’re working in the role. While you may assume that asking questions would work against you, that isn’t necessarily the case. Some can help you solidify… Read More »

Happy 12th Anniversary, Brenda Frank!

To celebrate Brenda Frank’s 12th year with The Advance Group, we sat down with her for a Q & A session. Here are a few highlights to enjoy: Q: What brings you the greatest joy? A: My family brings me the greatest joy. Q: What is your favorite holiday? A: My favorite holiday is Christmas.… Read More »

Ghosted by a New Hire? We Can Fix That!

The hiring process can seemingly take ages. You’ll spend weeks reviewing resumes, screening candidates, conducting interviews, and finalizing the job offer. That’s why, when a new hire ghosts you, it’s so frustrating. You have already spent a significant amount of time and energy, finding the ideal job seeker. Then, they just don’t show up. Many… Read More »

The Advance Group is honored to offer you all our support

The Advance Group is honored to offer you all our support. For the past 30 years, we’ve weathered many storms together, grown from the struggle and came out on the other side shining brighter than ever.  If you need any guidance and support, you can count on us. No doubt, these are scary, stressful and overwhelming… Read More »