Preparing for the New Workforce | Recruitment to Replace Retiring Employees

Think about the figures – over the next 19 years, about 10,000 people each day will enter the official retirement age of 65, according to the Pew Research Center. Nevertheless, your staff is getting older and you need to prepare for a new generation in your workforce. What does this mean for your company? What… Read More »

Optimizing Your New LinkedIn Profile | Update Alert

Just when you thought you were getting used to LinkedIn’s career and social network system, they decided to do yet another upgrade to make user profiles even smarter. Have you taken the time to update your profile yet? If you are a job seeker, now is a good time to sign into your LinkedIn account… Read More »

Attracting Talent with Your Employer Brand

Attracting talent is the number one goal of many businesses today. After a long-term hiring freeze, many businesses are just beginning the hiring process once again. Now the goals have shifted from what they were five or six years ago—for the companies doing the hiring as well as job seekers who are looking for jobs.… Read More »

Predicting Recruitment in 2013 – Six Recruiting Trends to Watch For

What’s in store for recruitment processes in the coming year? According to experts, recruiting is about to hit a major boom in 2013. This is for several reasons. First, with the unemployment rate dropping slightly in many regions, this is an indicator that more companies are hiring – meaning that they are ready for great… Read More »

Getting Industrial Employees Off on the Right Foot – Starts on the First Day at Work

With your new industrial employee hired and ready to go, you may be ready to throw him or her on the floor and hope that the employee is the type to jump in and figure it out. If you are not giving your new hire all of the information he or she needs from the… Read More »

Managing in this Slow Economy

A slow economy affects everyone, include managers who have to deal with employee shortages and low staffing budgets. With a still-high unemployment rate and economies around the world struggling to maintain any growth, it is no wonder that today’s average business is struggling to keep the balance between having enough staff and having too many.… Read More »

Manufacturing Resume Details for Success in Your Job Search

Looking for a job in manufacturing and figure you don’t need a resume to get your foot in the door? Think again!  Today’s manufacturing companies have become just as competitive as other industries, so as a job seeker you need to put your best foot forward with a well-written manufacturing resume. With a resume for… Read More »

Improving Company Culture – Helpful Tips

It used to be that businesses were filled with employees who were grateful just to have employment. Now, even amid the ups and downs of an unstable economy, employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. The best talent is looking for opportunities to work for organizations that have superior corporate cultures and work… Read More »

Agile Manufacturing Leadership Tips

In agile manufacturing, teams work in short cycles called sprints. These self-organized groups develop products in a modular fashion. This helps to speed up innovation. Such teams evolve on a continuous basis based on experience and customer feedback. How can you improve the management of such structures? Some key components of management style need to… Read More »

Crisis Management Leadership in Tough Times – Tips for Success

In every business, there will arrive an event that will quickly become a crisis for management to deal with. From PR disasters and employee injuries to consumer lawsuits and financial strife, businesses are not immune to the effects of a crisis. However, being prepared as a business leader can be the difference between surviving a… Read More »