Advance Happenings!

Adopt-a-Family Advance’s annual Adopt-a-Family program was a huge success!  This year, 2 of our employees faced hardship and tragedy that touched our hearts.  Chet has worked for us on various assignments for more than 8 years and Carissa (4yrs) whose father worked for us for nearly 2 years and died suddenly just before the holidays. … Read More »

Get back out there! Rejoining the work force and restarting the job search

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a period of time, either by choice or as a result of an unexpected lapse in employment, then you may be facing the daunting task of getting back out there to rejoin the rest of the working world. It’s natural for anyone to feel intimidated, especially if… Read More »

4 Things You Should Include in an Administrative Professional Job Description

A good administrative professionals’ job description should clearly and concisely state what the job entails, including the position’s purpose, responsibilities, duties, and qualifications. It shouldn’t be overly detailed or unduly simplistic, but the job description should be customized to the needs of the person or team who the assistant is supporting. An administrative professionals’ workload… Read More »

How to Become a Valuable Employee and Keep Your Job Safe

In an employment market where there is a large pool of potential employees to replace you, it becomes very important for individuals to ensure they are on the same page with employers. To make sure that your job remains yours, be a team player and be a part of the company’s success. Now more than… Read More »

4 Job Search Stalls to Watch Out For

What is stalling out your job search? Today’s economic conditions and bad unemployment numbers mirror the frustrations that many job seekers have. However, by some expert’s calculations, people are often sabotaging themselves out of jobs. As you are applying for various positions, ask yourself if you could be doing anything that could be hurting your… Read More »


We have several important messages that require your immediate attention: 2011 W2’S 2011 W2’s will not be mailed but available to print out from Greenshades, the site used to access your paystubs.  To access a printable version of your W2 through Greenshades, please click on the links under the branch for which you worked for… Read More »

What is an Interviewer REALLY Asking When They Say “Tell me About Yourself”?

You are in an important interview for a job you really want at a company that gets you really excited about your career. As you sit across from the potential employer, you smile and know things are going well. Then, they ask the question, “Tell me about yourself?” What do you say to that? The… Read More »

Job Offer Letters: What to Include and What to Avoid

People who enjoy watching horse racing are familiar with horses coming “out of the gate”. This term refers to how smoothly a horse leaves the starting gate, which can give the horse a good starting position in the race. It also helps to contribute to how successful the horse will be. In a way, this… Read More »

Confessions of an HR Manager: Why I Love a Great Staffing Agency

A special thank you to our client, Meredith Soleau, Human Resources Director at Ed Schmidt Auto, Inc. for writing this post. I’ll never forget the first time I called Advance Staffing Services.  I was beyond stressed. My Lead Administrative Assistant was going to be out for a medical emergency, and we had no idea when… Read More »

Want to work somewhere FUN? Prepare for an interview at an employer with a unique company culture.

In many companies today there is a focus on providing not only a great salary and benefits package, but also on giving employees a fun atmosphere to work in. This movement started with the first company that decided a casual, fun workplace was more conducive to happy and productive employees—and for good reason. Studies have… Read More »