5 Top Jobs for Forklift Drivers in Michigan

  For some, nothing beats the feeling of operating a forklift. It takes a significant amount of skill to run this piece of machinery and, once you have it down, it’s typically an enjoyable work activity. As a forklift driver, finding a position that lets you do one of the things you appreciate most is […]

5 Skills Assemblers Need

  If you enjoy a fast-paced work environment, the idea of getting a job as an assembler is likely very appealing. These workers help keep a production line moving by connecting various parts and pieces of the final product, which can be very gratifying work for those who like to see the physical results of […]

When is Turning Down an Engineering Job Offer the Right Call?

    As you search for a new engineering job, you’ll likely encounter a few opportunities that aren’t ideal. There could be an issue with the position, company, or the salary offered that actually make saying “no” a smart move. But how do you know when turning down a position is actually the right call? […]

Update Your Assembly Workplace Safety Policies for 2017

  When you operate an assembly workplace, you already know that safety is important. Having strong policies and procedures in place ensures your employees aren’t experiencing undue risk and govern what actions must occur when in regards to safety. If your policies haven’t been revised within the past few years or if there have been […]

Can’t Find Skilled Workers? Start Here

  Many industrial and construction businesses struggle to find the skilled laborers they need to fill critical positions in their companies. Interest in trades has declined in the workforce, especially since younger generations have been raised to believe the only way to a stable career is a college degree, which can make a worker shortage […]