Not Sure You Should Partner with a Staffing Firm? Read This!

  As a Michigan-area company that’s always mindful of personnel costs, it’s natural to want to weigh the options before choosing to work with a staffing firm. The responsible thing to do is to check out all of your options before you decide to go this route. In this way, you can make the best […]

How to Create a Better Workforce for Top Millennial Talent

  As we mentioned in a previous post, millennials are the largest generation of employees who are making an impact on the workforce today. Most recent figures put them at 53.5 million strong, and they have even outpaced the baby boomers (Pew Research, 2016). Therefore, any employer that wants to attract the best talent in […]

New Year, Same Old Hiring Mistakes!

As the saying goes, “Old habits die hard”. This is very true when it comes to many aspects of business, including recruitment practices. Oftentimes the HR team or the recruitment team goes into a New Year wanting to do things better, but keeps falling into the same old ways of doing things. The problem is […]

Balancing Seasonal Fun with Productivity in the Workplace

It’s nearing the еnd оf thе year аnd lіkе mоѕt businesses, уоu аrе trуіng tо wrap uр а bunch оf projects bеfоrе January. It’s а time whеn аll оf уоur employees nееd tо bе focused аnd dedicated tо thеіr jobs, but аt thе ѕаmе time, there’s nо оthеr time оf year durіng whісh thеу аrе […]

Exit Interviews: Do you know why your employees are leaving?

Employees leave companies for many different reasons, but sometimes the HR team won’t be able to explain why past employees left. In some cases, employees leave for better advancement opportunities or because they are not happy with their current employer. The only way a company can know or learn why employees are leaving is by […]

Why You Should be Recruiting More Passive Candidates

  In the recruitment market, there is always a push for hiring the highest quality of candidates, and placing them in the jobs that are the best match. But this often poses as a huge challenge, because these great candidates are hard to find in high-demand industries. This is when recruiters turn to passive candidate […]