It’s OK to Be the Boss Everyone Likes!

  Years ago, people didn’t really like their boss. In fact, they would express fear when asked about their relationship with their immediate supervisor. Bosses were secretive, conniving, and not to be messed with. Then came a new wave of bosses. These were the folks who wanted to be your friend. But they had a […]

How to Land an Entry-Level HR Career

  Ready to take on the world of people management? Human resources is perhaps one of the most rewarding and challenging career paths out there today. Every day, human resource practitioners are making big decisions that impact the organizations that they work for. Human resources professionals are tasked with making sure their organizations are compliant […]

How to Get Your Workforce Engaged this Spring

  A workforce that’s disengaged poses a huge threat to your company’s livelihood. According to research from The Economist, around 87 percent of executives believe that employees who lack engagement bring down businesses. Therefore, it’s up to company leaders to create a workplace where people feel valued and can look forward to their jobs. It’s […]

Sick of Searching For Jobs? Use These Tips to Shorten Your Search!

  After weeks, and even months of trying to find a job, you are practically at your wits end. Searching for jobs is exhausting in and of itself, and then there are the long applications, the waiting to hear back from hiring managers, and the long pauses in between interviews. The entire experience is highly […]

How to Quantify the Real Value of Your Workforce

In the world of human resources, it’s hard to put a number on certain aspects of the personnel management game. Typically, businesses can be slow to adopt HR metrics and it can be difficult to quantify certain strategies in HR. But as HR professionals, it is up to us to make a case for the […]

Need Better Career References? Here’s How to Get Them!

Nearly every job seeker has been faced with the conundrum of not having enough career references. This can happen for a number of reasons. A job seeker may not have many previous jobs, thus the number of references are limited. Or the job seeker may have limited references because former companies have either shut down […]