Want to Move Your Resume to the Top of the Pile? Use These Tips!

  It’s been estimated that for each and every job posting advertised that recruiters can receive as many as 300 – 500 resumes from eager candidates. That’s a lot of reading and screening! Unfortunately, most recruiters have very little time to spend on each resume, so they skim through them looking for specific things, make […]

Can You Answer This “Off-the-Wall” Interview Question?

Going into any interview, it’ expected that you will be asked a series of common interview questions. Things like: “what are your weaknesses”, “why should we hire you”, “why do you want to work here”, “what are your goals”, “why did you leave your past job”, “what can you do for us that other candidates […]

What To Do When You’re Suddenly Promoted to Leadership

The vast majority of people out in the workforce take a job that they hope will give them the opportunity to advance. Everyone wants to be rewarded for their hard work, and being promoted to leadership is one sure sign that you are doing something right. For some people, that promotion to a leadership role […]

Use a Personal Brand to Start Attracting Top-Tier Candidates

It’s common for companies to think that their corporate brand is more important than their personal brand. Well this might be true for a large well-known brands, for a smaller company the personal brand is part of the corporate brand.  Therefore, it’s up to every business to develop a strong personal brand in order to […]

Why Resilience Is a Sought-After Job Skill

  If you’ve spent a long time searching for a job, you know how important resilience is as a personality trait. Being able to hang in there and bend as things change can also help you in any career you choose. In fact, this is a trait that is often sought after by hiring companies. […]

Your Perfect Hire is a Special Bond – How to Nurture It

  It is not often that a company comes across a perfect hire, but when it does, it is important to nurture the relationship with that hire from the start. The company must build a bond, making it as strong as possible, so the employee stays with the company for the long haul. Nurturing the […]