Facing a Talent Shortage? Here’s How to Improve Your Recruiting Strategy

  One would think with all the latest technology that recruitment as a whole is more efficient. However, it is a candidate-driven market currently and therefore, the recruitment process has actually gotten longer. A recent Forbes report issued by Glassdoor.com estimated that the average length of an interview has actually doubled in the last five […]

How to Quantify the Real Value of Your Workforce

In the world of human resources, it’s hard to put a number on certain aspects of the personnel management game. Typically, businesses can be slow to adopt HR metrics and it can be difficult to quantify certain strategies in HR. But as HR professionals, it is up to us to make a case for the […]

5 Ways To Find Hardworking Millennials

  Millennials are overtaking the workforce as baby boomers continue to retire, which is why companies are trying to find new ways to land hardworking millennials. Some are incredibly easy to find because they work internships with a company before receiving an offer of employment. Others might not be so easy to find because they […]