Happy 7th Anniversary, Mindy VanAcker!

  To celebrate Mindy VanAcker’s 7th year with The Advance Group, we sat down with her for a Q & A session. Here are a few highlights to enjoy: Q: What do you like to do in your spare time? A: Read, Cook/Bake, Boating and Spending Time With Family Q: What is on your bucket… Read More »

Want to Start Down a New Career Path? Use This Advice

  Deciding to take you career in an entirely new direction is a big step. Not only is there substantial work involved, but it can also be hard to admit that you changed your mind about the future of your working life. Some people feel guilty for wanting to try something different, even when it… Read More »

Say Goodbye to Your Bad Job Before the New Year

  Nothing inspires change like the new year. And, if you have been stuck in a bad situation, it may feel like the perfect time to pursue other opportunities. Whether you are accepting a new position or are choosing to make finding a new position your full-time job, it is important to leave your current… Read More »

Motivation Low Around the Holiday Season? Use These Tips for an Instant Boost!

  The holiday season has us pulled in all different directions. Preparing for family gatherings, budgeting for holiday shopping and the general demands surrounding the season can be overwhelming by themselves. Add the stress of the year-end activities at most workplaces, and it can be hard to keep yourself motivated to accomplish everything that needs… Read More »

Is It Time For Your Company to Staff Up?

  The end of the year is traditionally a time for reflection. In a business sense, companies often review budgets and create a plan for the upcoming year. This makes it an ideal time to consider your staffing needs for the future, and begin to staff up. Recruiting is a vital part of any business… Read More »

Resolve to Solve Employee Conflict Before the New Year

  Employee conflict in the workplace can have significant damaging effects on your business. Not only can it make the environment more challenging to be in, but it can also hurt productivity, attendance, and profitability. The longer a workplace remains in a toxic state, the more difficult it is to reverse course. By resolving to… Read More »

Hidden Skills to Look For in Marketing Candidates

  Success in marketing is driven by more than a college education and experience working in the industry. While those can be important, there are numerous other skills that are just as essential, and they are harder to identify. Being able to look beyond the resume for these hidden skills may help you separate the… Read More »

Are You Empowering Your Staff? You Should Be!

  Empowerment focuses on openly sharing information and power with employees. It is giving your team the opportunity to make decisions and solve problems without having to wait for direction from management. If employees are provided with the skills, resources, opportunity, motivation and authority to act, they will be more likely to contribute in meaningful… Read More »

Advance Your Career in 2017 (But Don’t Sacrifice Your Home Life!)

  With a new year on the horizon, many people take some time to examine their goals for the future. Advancing your career is often an attractive idea, especially if you have some room to move up in your field. However, pursuing new opportunities shouldn’t come at the cost of everything else you have going… Read More »

Why You Should Encourage Employees to Use Their Vacation Days

  It is estimated that employees in the United States typically fail to take approximately 429 million paid vacation days on a yearly basis. Sometimes, employees hesitate to spend time away because they are concerned what will happen in their absence. They may fear the office will fall behind (or apart) without them there, or… Read More »