The Advance Group’s Southgate Branch Staffing Stars!

Molly, Stephanie, Donna and Tyler from our Southgate office wanted to say thank you to these Staffing Stars! John Cogan– John has been on the same assignment for The Advance Group for over 4 years!  In that time, John has consistently proven to be a reliable employee and taken on overtime hours when available.  He […]

The Advance Group’s Sylvania Branch Staffing Stars!

Mark Sharples has been working as a Quality Manager since May of 2018 through the Sylvania office, he is Dan’s Staffing Star this year.  He has had great attendance and has been doing a stellar job working for the same customer in a fast paced, high stress environment. This is Nick’s first NSEW celebration since […]

The Advance Group’s Sylvania Branch Staffing Stars!

Niki from our Sylvania team recommended Mitchell Pakulski as her Staffing Star this year.  He has been at our client for almost a year.  During that time frame, he has only asked for half a day off for a funeral. His attendance and overall attitude has been superb.  He also referred his stepdaughter for a […]

The Advance Group’s Monroe Branch Staffing Stars!

Mindy, Renee and Ryann from our Monroe team collaborated with their clients to determine The Advance Group Staffing Stars representing the Monroe Branch! Mercedes Page was recommended by her supervisor for great attitude, perfect attendance and going above and beyond in her performance. She is quickly picking things up and really doing an overall great […]