How Is Your Business Showing Appreciation to Employees Who Stay?

Everything You Need to Know About EEO | The Advance Group

Today, employers are facing a unique situation. The Great Resignation led many professionals to leave their positions, often unexpectedly. As a result, taking steps to retain employees is even more critical, particularly while the hiring landscape remains challenging. Showing appreciation to employees that stay is typically an essential first step. Overall, employees that feel appreciated […]

Congratulations to The Advance Group All Star for June

Congratulations to Karrell Lewis who was selected for The Advance Group All-Star for June! Karrell has proved himself to be a vital part of his team and has received rave reviews from the client and staff. Congratulations, Karrell!  

Does Your Manager Display These Toxic Traits?

Having a reliable manager is essential in any light industrial workplace. Strong leadership ensures you’re set up for success. Plus, it creates a less stressful environment, even if the work itself is challenging. With a toxic manager, the opposite is true. Confusion and frustration often abound, and you may struggle to shine simply because you […]

Having a Hard Time Hiring? Here’s What You Can Learn from Your Mistakes!

The hiring landscape is challenging. While employers do their best to bring in suitable candidates, not every new hire works out. Hiring mistakes are hard to shoulder when you’re short-handed for facing skill gaps. However, while missteps can create hardships, they’re also learning opportunities. By analyzing the situation, it’s possible to determine why the hiring […]

Brag a Little: Tips for Showing Off Your Strengths in a Job Interview

Why Manufacturing Employees Should Partner with a Staffing Firm

During your job interview, highlighting relevant strengths is essential. You give the hiring manager insights into critical capabilities, making it easier for them to envision you succeeding in the role. While bragging a bit may feel uncomfortable, it’s a critical part of job interview success. If you want to show off your strengths during a […]

4 Things Great Managers Do Differently!

In most cases, great managers aren’t born with the right skills and proper mindset to lead teams; they hone their capabilities over time, learning what it takes to motivate others, guide effectively, and set employees up for success. By focusing on the right areas, anyone can improve their performance as a manager. If you’re wondering […]