This Is Your Sign to Look for a New Job

Deciding whether now is the right time to look for a new job isn’t always easy. It’s normal to feel conflicted, partially because seeking out a different opportunity means taking a bit of a risk, but it could also help you reach the next level. However, there are some situations where heading toward something new… Read More »

Hiring for an Industrial Job? Here Is What to Look For

When you need to fill an industrial job, finding a candidate with the right skills is a must. While specialized technical abilities may be part of the equation, there is also a range of crucial soft skills for success. By looking for the right soft skills, you can select a job seeker who can do… Read More »

How Much Should You Make in a Warehouse Job?

If you’re looking for your first industrial position, you may be wondering, how much should you make in a warehouse job? Understanding the average pay rate is important. It lets you estimate your earnings potential and ensure the compensation offered by an employer feels fair. While pay rates can vary depending on a range of… Read More »

Summer Is the Time for Employee Wellness!

Summer may seem like an odd time of year to focus on employee wellness. After all, for many people, summer is an exciting, invigorating time of year. However, the season can certainly come with its own challenges, leading some employees to struggle. They may have trouble juggling their personal and professional responsibilities. At times, they… Read More »

Now Is the Right Time to Start Staffing Up!

Many employers have fluctuating workforce needs. This summer, many companies are working to return to full productivity after scaling back due to the pandemic. Plus, seasonal businesses are seeing demand increase rapidly, making additional employees a necessity if they keep pace. Luckily, now is the perfect time to start staffing up. If you are wondering… Read More »

Welcome The Newest Members of The Advance Group!

The Advance Group is proud to introduce our two newest members – Crystal Wyatt and Jamie Center! Crystal Wyatt – Crystal joins The Advance Group as a Staffing Coordinator in the Monroe branch.  She began her career at La-Z-Boy in customer service working in the call center and most recently worked in the finance department… Read More »

Happy 8th Anniversary, Dan Haller!

  To celebrate Dan Haller’s 8th year with The Advance Group, we sat down with him for a Q & A session.  Here are a few highlights to enjoy:   Q: What brings you the greatest joy? A: Being a dad! Q: What’s your favorite band? A: Van Halen, this is the only correct answer… Read More »

Can You Quit a Job on Day 1?

In many cases, your first day on the job comes with a few surprises. While you may have learned quite a bit about the company and position during the hiring process, it’s always possible that some details weren’t covered. At times, the surprises you encounter are positive. However, that isn’t always the case. For example,… Read More »

Happy 10th Anniversary, Linda Roth!

To celebrate Linda Roth’s 10th year with The Advance Group, we sat down with her for a Q & A session.  Here are a few highlights to enjoy: Q: What brings you the greatest joy? A; Spending time with family! There’s nothing better than when all of my kids are in town and I can… Read More »