Underqualified Candidates Can Be a Valuable Company Asset

Very often, hiring managers are faced with the decision of what to do with great candidates who have the right personality and fit for a company, but lack certain qualifications of a job. It’s a shame, because they could have potential in the company’s future. Have you ever wondered if an underqualified candidate could be… Read More »

Can You Answer This “Off-the-Wall” Interview Question?

Going into any interview, it’ expected that you will be asked a series of common interview questions. Things like: “what are your weaknesses”, “why should we hire you”, “why do you want to work here”, “what are your goals”, “why did you leave your past job”, “what can you do for us that other candidates… Read More »

How to Hire the Best of December’s New Grads

  New grads don’t have a uniform approach to seeking jobs. Some grads would prefer to work for large companies while some would be happy enough if they get a job. Usually, the best grads will be selective and they wouldn’t have to reach out to many companies because the companies will reach out to… Read More »

Scared of December New Grads? Make Sure That You’re Not Discriminating on Age

  This is the time of year when a whole group of new college grads will begin looking for work. With an influx of new graduates in the job market, it is important that employers are aware of ways that they can avoid discriminating based on age. Age discrimination in the workplace is something that… Read More »

Can You Become a Respected Leader Overnight?

  Do you dream of being an industry expert and someone who others look up to for leadership? If so, it won’t happen overnight. These things can take time. But there are some ways to fast-track your way to success. Here’s how to become a respected leader in your career. Become a subject matter expert… Read More »

Why Resilience Is a Sought-After Job Skill

  If you’ve spent a long time searching for a job, you know how important resilience is as a personality trait. Being able to hang in there and bend as things change can also help you in any career you choose. In fact, this is a trait that is often sought after by hiring companies.… Read More »

What To Say to Your Workforce, Instead of “I Don’t Know!”

  There are times in a manager’s career when a lack of enough information may leave no other answer but “I don’t know” to subordinates. However, this is not a good phrase to use because it takes away from the management role. How? Employees need strong leadership, so a wishy washy answer that implies the… Read More »

Exit Interviews: Do you know why your employees are leaving?

Employees leave companies for many different reasons, but sometimes the HR team won’t be able to explain why past employees left. In some cases, employees leave for better advancement opportunities or because they are not happy with their current employer. The only way a company can know or learn why employees are leaving is by… Read More »

You’re Losing Top Talent Because…

  A certain amount of employee turnover is to be expected, particularly in tough industries that chew up and spit out people on a regular basis. But, when turnover rates remain high or become unusually high; there’s a problem. As a human resource or recruitment professional engaged in the active pursuit of talent, the issue… Read More »

When is the Right Time to Start Planning Your Hiring?

Running a company is incredibly difficult, and one of the most important parts of it is hiring new employees. Many companies tend to wonder when the right time is for planning the next round of hiring. The simple answer is … now! Companies need to put together their hiring plans as soon as possible in… Read More »