Want to Find a Management Position? Use These Tips to Move On Up

  Every leader has one thing in common, at one point they were in a management position for the first time.  But breaking into the leadership ranks isn’t always easy. Often, companies prefer to hire people into these positions who already have management experience, making it hard for those hoping to make a move up.… Read More »

Skipping Millennial Hires Because of Stereotypes? Get the Truth Here

  When the millennial generation joined the workforce, a number of stereotypes soon followed. Many of these ideas had hiring managers worried about whether these workers would provide the kind of value they needed to help move their companies forward. However, this generation might not be everything that some reports would have you believe. Before… Read More »

Increase Your Workplace Diversity with These Tips

  Companies understand the need to support workplace diversity, but many businesses aren’t sure how to change their hiring approach to attract more top female candidates. Organizations often default to perks oriented to their women employees including anything from providing feminine products for free in the company restrooms to providing spaces dedicated to breastfeeding mothers.… Read More »

How to Decide If Someone Is a Strong Career Reference

  Choosing whom to list as employment references is a critical part of the job application process and often requires more thought than some job seekers realize. You are relying on these individuals to present you in a favorable light, so you don’t want to list people haphazardly. This means evaluating each potential reference to… Read More »

Don’t Let These Phrases Ruin Your Job Interview

  It isn’t easy to sit across from a hiring manager and talk about your experience. Often, you have a variety of talking points you’ve reviewed in advance that you are trying to remember while also being ready to answer any question that wasn’t as expected. Add to that at least a bit of nervousness,… Read More »

Which of Your Employees Will Be Replaced by Robots?

  Concerns about automation and the shape of the current workforce have been common for some time. Many people are aware how robotics affected key industries in the U.S., especially in the manufacturing and production industry, but as technology becomes more sophisticated, worries continue to spread. It is estimated that almost half of all activities… Read More »

Stop Settling for a “Good Enough” Job

  We’ve all used the phrase “good enough” and, traditionally, we don’t choose it when we’ve found an ideal solution or done our best work. But when you attach that sentiment to a major part of your life, such as your career, you are setting yourself up for a lackluster experience that doesn’t exactly inspire… Read More »

Want a New Job? Start Building Your Personal Confidence

  It seems like some people are just born confident; they move in and out of stressful situations, such as getting a new job, with relative ease. Sometimes that leaves the rest of us feeling as though we are lacking. But, just because not everyone is gifted with that level of confidence, that doesn’t mean… Read More »

The Real Importance of “Culture Fit”

  Hiring for culture fit has been making its way into hiring processes for some time now. People understand that choosing a person who fits into the larger corporate culture is more likely to integrate into a team. But what exactly does it mean to find someone who fits into the culture, and does it… Read More »

Don’t Let Co-Workers Ruin Your Workday

  A workplace is a mix of individual personalities all trying to coexist in a single space. Sometimes, that means being around people who occasionally (or constantly) rub you the wrong way. But just because they aren’t your favorite people in the world, that doesn’t mean you have to let a poor interaction ruin your… Read More »