This Tip Can Help You Improve Your Job Search Quickly

Finding a new job isn’t easy. It can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. Remembering where you applied, ensuring you follow up correctly, and tracking responses for hiring managers can be a massive undertaking. If not managed well, something important could slip through the cracks. Luckily, there’s something you can do to make sure you… Read More »

Now Is a Great Time to Start a Career in Robotic Welding!

Robots are a critical part of many production environments. They are touted as a revolution in the manufacturing industry, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. While some fear that robots are taking jobs away from hardworking people, that typically isn’t the case. Instead, these high-tech machines can spur job creation, as employees are needed to… Read More »

Are Employee Pay Expectations Realistic?

Generation Z has been slowly making its way into the workforce. The oldest members are turning 25 in 2020, and many of them leave college with high expectations regarding the future earning potential. While unemployment remains shockingly low, empowering job seekers to focus on more lucrative opportunities or to leverage shortages in the workforce for… Read More »

What Does a Machine Operator Actually Do?

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Which of Your Employees Are Legally Independent Contractors?

Correctly classifying the members of your workforce is essential. Failing to do so can get you in some legal hot water, particularly if you label a worker an independent contractor when they should be an employee. Companies can’t just decide to call a professional an independent contractor because that’s what suits them best. Instead, specific… Read More »

How Can You Make the Best Hire for Your Company?

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5 Skills All Welders Need to Possess

If you want to be an exceptional welder, you’ll need more than just technical prowess. While being adept at welding itself is essential; having specific soft skills is crucial if you want to have an incredibly successful career. By knowing which ones can make a difference, you can position yourself to excel. With that in… Read More »

Do You Have an Emergency Readiness Plan in Place for COVID-19?

The coronavirus outbreak has been wreaking havoc all across the globe. It’s led to a disease called COVID-19, a viral infection with no available vaccine. The virus is spreading with surprising speed, and over 3,000 people have died after contracting the illness. Since the number of COVID-19 infections in the United States is increasing rapidly,… Read More »

5 Great General Labor Jobs Available Today

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You (Yes, YOU!) Can Make Yourself the Best Candidate in Your Field

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