Are You a Job Hopper? Here’s how to Optimize Your Job Search

There are plenty of workers out there who can be considered “job hoppers”. These are folks who, for whatever reason, do not stay in one job or company for an extended length of time. While this can be detrimental for a job search, it does not have to stand in your way of getting a great […]

5 Reasons a Temp Agency can Boost Your Candidate Search

Companies routinely recruit new employees so they have someone to contact when positions become available. Waiting until the last minute to fill open jobs can hurt your chances of finding the strongest person for the job. Here, we will discuss the top five reasons why a temp agency like Advance Staffing Solutions in Detroit MI can […]

Standing Out at a Manufacturing Interview – 5 Tips You MUST Follow

Interviewing for a manufacturing job in Detroit, MI is stressful, especially when you are in dire need of work. Prevent the process from overwhelming you by preparing for the interview ahead of time. Preparation is key to any type of job interview. As you go on various interviews for manufacturing jobs, be sure you follow the […]

Are your References Actually a Hindrance to Your Job Search?

Believe it or not, a person’s job references could end up being a hindrance in the search for a new job. When this happens, the candidate could struggle to land the new job they’re applying for. Candidates should consider examining their current references and making some changes in order to impress potential employers. Any negative […]