Why Use a Staffing Agency?

Has the question ever occurred to you, or have you asked it yourself — why should I use a staffing agency?   Watch the video below to hear two Advance Staffing employees discuss why you should use a staffing agency!   Click here if you’d like to discuss partnering with a staffing agency like Advance […]

We Want You to Know the Truth About our Staffing Agency…

The staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry makes a vital contribution to the U.S. economy, and provides outstanding job and career opportunities for some 14 million employees per year.   Haven’t considered a staffing service to help you with your job search or career change?  Watch the video below to see what our Michigan team […]

Kick 2015 Off Right — With 6 Job Hunting Tips

  A New Year might mean a new job for some folks who are looking for upward mobility. Whether you are preparing to enter the workforce after winter graduation, looking to switch careers or trying to find employment after a long layoff; you will want to have a strong job search in place. In today’s […]

Wish List : How Mapping Out Your Career Plan can Make it Come True

If you have a “wish list” for your career, then just like any plan — you need to create a map in order to make everything on the list come true. When you create a map, you are creating a plan of action to get to your destination. When you can see the plan, it […]

Keeping Employees Productive in a Busy Holiday Season

It can be very difficult for busy, distracted employees to remain productive during a hectic season at the office simply because they can get very distracted by all the holiday festivities, family commitments, and other aspects of their lives. Employees can also become overwhelmed to the point of running out of steam. When this happens, it […]

Don’t Ignore the Signs of Seasonal Stress in Employees

Over time, employees can easily become subject to work stress. It can happen to anyone, especially when the seasons change. Seasonal stress is nothing new and it can affect people of all ages. It is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and occurs, for the most part, at the same time each year. As the seasons […]