Haven’t Hired in a While? Advice for Recruiting New Hires

After a period filled with economic uncertainty, many companies are facing a new dilemma. They now need to fill positions that were either vacated or eliminated over the past several years. The problem is that many companies have had a freeze on hiring for long enough that they’ve gotten out of the practice of hiring […]

How to Become a Valuable Employee and Keep Your Job Safe

In an employment market where there is a large pool of potential employees to replace you, it becomes very important for individuals to ensure they are on the same page with employers. To make sure that your job remains yours, be a team player and be a part of the company’s success. Now more than […]

Job Offer Letters: What to Include and What to Avoid

People who enjoy watching horse racing are familiar with horses coming “out of the gate”. This term refers to how smoothly a horse leaves the starting gate, which can give the horse a good starting position in the race. It also helps to contribute to how successful the horse will be. In a way, this […]