5 Things to Consider Other Than Compensation When Seeking a New Job

5 Things to Consider Other Than Compensation When Seeking a New Job

When professionals start looking for a new job, they often focus on compensation when reviewing opportunities. While pay rates are undeniably important, job satisfaction isn’t based on salaries alone. Instead, other factors play a surprisingly big role, so it’s critical to consider them when exploring your options. Here’s a look at five things to consider […]

How to Discover a Company’s REAL Culture

Most professionals understand the importance of finding an employer with an exceptional culture. However, getting a genuine glimpse into a company’s culture is often incredibly challenging. Since organizations know that culture matters to candidates, they often go out of their way to ensure they look their best. Not all, but some, will even be disingenuous, […]

Why Manufacturing Companies Need to Focus on Company Culture More

The manufacturing industry has long been a part of the American economy. While it suffered greatly during the last major recession, the sector ultimately rebounded. Many of the lost jobs eventually returned, which initially seemed like a boon. However, many manufacturing companies struggle to find and retain skilled and dedicated employees. Engagement often wains for […]

It’s Not You, It’s Bad Company Culture!

  Sometimes, the hardest part of a person’s job has nothing to do with the tasks they need to complete. Instead, the environment itself creates the biggest challenges. When the things that are making it harder to remain productive include workplace politics, poor communication, constant turnover, or interpersonal issues among team members, you might not […]

How Positive Is Your Office Culture?

  The idea of maintaining a positive office culture is often referenced for its ability to attract strong candidates and retain employees. But understanding where your company falls on the scale of negative to positive isn’t easy, especially because the idea isn’t always well defined. Typically, a company’s culture includes a mix of the beliefs, […]

The Real Importance of “Culture Fit”

  Hiring for culture fit has been making its way into hiring processes for some time now. People understand that choosing a person who fits into the larger corporate culture is more likely to integrate into a team. But what exactly does it mean to find someone who fits into the culture, and does it […]