Now Is the Time to Focus on Employee Engagement!

Employee engagement has been a hot topic for a few years. However, now, it’s more important than ever, mainly because so many companies have had to embrace telecommuting. When your team is working remotely, managing engagement can be incredibly challenging. After all, your workforce isn’t reporting to an office with you, so it can be… Read More »

3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged This Year

Employee engagement has been a hot topic for several years. When workers are highly engaged, they tend to be more productive. Their outputs are often of higher quality, and they are willing to take on more and enthusiastic about handling their responsibilities. Additionally, engaged employees tend to be happier than their less engaged counterparts. This… Read More »

Can You Keep Employees Engaged During the Busiest Time of the Year?

  When employees are scrambling at work and juggling personal responsibilities related to the holidays, keeping them engaged on the job becomes increasingly challenging. After all, your staff likely has a lot on their mind, and not all of it relates to their position. Luckily, there are things you can do to boost engagement, ensuring… Read More »

What Your Employee Engagement Is Missing

  Most managers know an engaged workforce is a productive one. However, crafting an environment where employee engagement is the norm is often easier said than done. In many cases, the majority of any company’s employees aren’t overly engaged. While they may be meeting expectations, few are as enticed and entranced by their work as… Read More »

Employee Engagement That Works for Everyone

  While technology has been a boon in many workplaces, it isn’t without its drawbacks. Today, people expect their information in quick snippets and, at times, even instantaneously. This has led to the rise of efficient collaboration software, but has also rendered communications options like email, employee newsletters, and even intranet announcements to become less… Read More »

How to Get Your Workforce Engaged this Spring

  A workforce that’s disengaged poses a huge threat to your company’s livelihood. According to research from The Economist, around 87 percent of executives believe that employees who lack engagement bring down businesses. Therefore, it’s up to company leaders to create a workplace where people feel valued and can look forward to their jobs. It’s… Read More »

5 Reasons Why Happy Employees are Better Employees

  Is a happier workforce somehow better? Many workplace experts believe so. A recent PayScale report indicates that as many as 70 percent of American employees currently working are unhappy and unfulfilled at work. This leads to several problems, including high employee turnover rates and low productivity levels. This is costing businesses billions of dollars… Read More »

One Simple Way to Promote Loyalty and Motivation

As an HR manager, it is part of your job to promote loyalty and motivation within the workplace. These are two items that are needed in order to keep employees engaged so they can be productive. If you want to prevent employees from leaving for greener pastures, then make sure that loyalty and motivation are… Read More »