The Real Cost of High Employee Turnover

Most companies recognize that turnover is harmful to the organization. However, not all of them understand the full cost of high employee turnover, causing them not to make managing it a priority. Unfortunately, when that occurs, the situation usually only gets worse. Once you what high employee turnover is costing your company, the idea of… Read More »

Not Ready to Lose Your Favorite Employee? Here’s How You Can Keep Them!

When you have top talent in your midst, working to keep them on board is a smart move. It helps you cultivate a more capable workforce, allowing the team to remain productive. While it may seem like keeping your favorite employee would be easy, that isn’t always the case. Even if they enjoy the role,… Read More »

Why Don’t Your Employees Stick Around (And What Can You Do Differently?)

For companies, turnover is always a major concern. After all, when churn rates are high, it holds the organization back. Departments may end up shorthanded, and productivity can drop. Plus, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a stream of new employees is costly, hurting the bottom line. If your company is struggling with retention, you’re in luck.… Read More »

How Can You Get Staff to Stay Long Term? Advance Employees Answer

Retention is often a top concern for companies. Every employer wants to keep their best and brightest on staff, so they often seek out opportunities to enhance the employee experience and encourage skilled professionals to stay long-term. However, figuring out how to approach retention can be a challenge. Not every professional wants the same things,… Read More »

What You Need to Do for Employees on Their Way Out

  As a manager, letting people go is one of the toughest aspects of your job. While it is necessary at times, handling the situation professionally is not always easy, regardless of whether the employee is being terminated for a performance issue, something more severe, or factors that are outside of everyone’s control. When an… Read More »

Want to Improve Retention Rates? Read This Advice!

  Improving your retention rates comes with a range of benefits. First, it means you won’t need to recruit as often, since fewer vacancies occur. Second, it can keep your costs down in key areas like recruitment and training. Finally, it creates peace of mind when high turnover is a thing of the past. Making… Read More »

Here’s Why Your Employees Are Quitting

  Whether they give a full two-weeks notice or simply stop showing up to work, having employees quit is never an easy situation to manage. While some turnover is unavoidable, a large number of resignations can actually be avoided if companies choose to take action. To help you see what your business can do to… Read More »

How to Hang On to Your Top Employees

  If you talk about disruptive situations in the workplace, the unexpected departure of a talented employee is bound to be mentioned. Often, it can feel like enough of a challenge to locate top candidates for your open positions, but finding great people is only part of the battle. Once you find the right person,… Read More »

Exit Interviews: Do you know why your employees are leaving?

Employees leave companies for many different reasons, but sometimes the HR team won’t be able to explain why past employees left. In some cases, employees leave for better advancement opportunities or because they are not happy with their current employer. The only way a company can know or learn why employees are leaving is by… Read More »

Your Perfect Hire is a Special Bond – How to Nurture It

  It is not often that a company comes across a perfect hire, but when it does, it is important to nurture the relationship with that hire from the start. The company must build a bond, making it as strong as possible, so the employee stays with the company for the long haul. Nurturing the… Read More »