5 Tips for Getting Back to Work Today

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred widespread layoffs and company closures. Tens of millions of Americans found themselves suddenly unemployed. In most cases, those who were out of a job qualified for unemployment benefits, at times worth more than their original paycheck. While this could make waiting to find a job seem like the right idea, it… Read More »

How to Find a Job (Even If You’re Not Looking)

  Managing an active job search is daunting. Spending hours upon hours scouring job boards takes a lot of energy, and it’s more than many professionals are willing to do unless they are genuinely trying to find a job. For more passive job seekers, they would rather stay apprised of exciting opportunities that truly align… Read More »

How to Find a Job Without a Resume

  Building or updating a resume can be a cumbersome task. If you’ve never had a resume before or haven’t applied to a job opening in several years, the idea can also be very intimidating. While most vacancy announcements do require a resume as part of the application, not all of them do. There are… Read More »

Be Careful What You Tweet! Job Seeker Tips to Avoid Social Sabotage

  It’s been said many times over – be careful what you share on social media sites. Social networks forever archive the comments and posts of people who own these accounts. What may appear to be a harmless post can land anyone in legal hot water later on. But, people still think that it’s ok… Read More »

Unemployed? Job Seeking? Here’s What You Need to Know

  Finding a job when currently employed is one thing; finding a job when unemployed is an entirely different experience. Studies have shown that it can be harder to find a job when unemployed, because some hiring managers view this as a negative mark for a candidate. An employed candidate is somehow more favorable than… Read More »

Is Following Your Heart Actually Rotten Career Advice?

Nearly everyone has heard someone say to them in the past,”Oh, just follow your heart”, when it comes to choosing a vocation. But, is this really rotten career advice? Maybe this was great advice when you were in Kindergarten and could imagine yourself being anything you wanted – like a fireman or a doctor or… Read More »

6 Ways the Job Search has Changed

Job searches have come a long way in the past decade. The more prevalent mobile phones and devices are becoming in society, the more the job search is evolving. Of course there are quite a few different contributing factors to the ever-changing job search process. Here are a few things to keep in mind so… Read More »

Best Ways to Use Social Media for Your Job Search

Want a new or better job this year? Social media is perhaps one of the best ways to locate and network your way to a new career. It’s a known fact that recruiters have been using social media to check out candidates behind the scenes for a while now, but they did so without candidate’s… Read More »

Real Job Search Tips for 2012

2012 is your chance to seize the opportunities and get a job or launch the career you have always wanted. It is time to make a change. The economy is still rough, with an 8.5 unemployment rate nationwide. There are positions available, but there are also many more applicants vying for those same assignments. To… Read More »

Enhance your resume by volunteering

Interning isn’t just for college kids anymore. In today’s workforce, time between jobs can be turned to your advantage if you hone your skills or develop new ones, by volunteering. True, you won’t get college credit (or a salary) but the benefits include some valuable ones: Learn New Skills: Perhaps your old job as a… Read More »