Too Busy to Hire? Read This!

Hiring is a cumbersome, time-consuming process. Placing job ads in multiple paces often takes far longer than you’d expect. After that, you have to weed through all of the poor-fit applicants, hoping to find top talent in the mix. Once you find a candidate with potential, you’ll have to deal with all of the screening… Read More »

Use The Advance Group Difference to Your Advantage in the Talent Wars!

Today, employers in nearly every industry are embroiled in a talent war. Even with unemployment being higher due to the pandemic, accessing top talent still remains, in a word, challenging. Savvy companies understand that harnessing every advantage is a necessity if they are going to secure the talent they need to thrive. By partnering with… Read More »

A Book All Employers Need to Reread

Managers often seek out books that can help them improve their leadership skills. However, there is one book that, if you haven’t read it recently, it’s time to sit down for a careful review. Rereading the employee handbook at least once a year is critical. Not only do employment laws change regularly, but so does… Read More »

5 Hiring Lessons Learned the Hard Way

  If you want your company to thrive, then hiring the right people needs to be a priority. A single bad hire can derail productivity, hinder morale, and harm the bottom line. Plus, replacing an employee can take a significant amount of time, leaving you shorthanded for a period and further damaging operations. Learning how… Read More »

Want to Hire Better Next Year? Start Understanding Your Candidates Better

  Hiring managers often wish they could get a glimpse into a candidate’s head instead of having to second-guess their every move and answer. While mindreading still isn’t an option, a recent survey provided a substantial amount of insight into how job seekers think. And that can help you hire better in the future. Here’s… Read More »

Eliminate Hiring Bias with These Steps

  The vast majority of companies know that biased hiring practices aren’t acceptable. There are numerous laws and regulations that dictate what can and cannot be taken into consideration when evaluating candidates, and most businesses do a good job of adhering to these standards. But, unconscious bias can be harder to control, as many people… Read More »

Has “Ageism” Crept into Your Hiring Pattern?

  While most companies intellectually understand that age discrimination isn’t something that should be tolerated, ageism still makes its way into many organization’s hiring practices. The issue is especially prevalent when evaluating candidates for IT positions, a segment where youth is often valued, but any business could be susceptible to the trend. There are laws… Read More »

4 Ways to Find Your Next Great Employee!

  Finding the perfect person to fill a job vacancy can be a challenge. With all of the places you can use to find a great match, it can begin to feel like a chore very quickly. Instead of letting the hassle get to you, consider these potential sources to find your next candidate. Local… Read More »

It’s a Candidate Market – Speed Up Your Hiring Process to Hire the Best Ones!

  Hiring processes have lengthened over time.  Many businesses have expanded their requirements to include more than a simple interview.  Some have introduced group interviews, candidate presentations, multiple interview rounds, skills testing, and various skills or personality tests.  As of 2015, the length of the average interview process was estimated at over 22 days. If… Read More »

Underqualified Candidates Can Be a Valuable Company Asset

Very often, hiring managers are faced with the decision of what to do with great candidates who have the right personality and fit for a company, but lack certain qualifications of a job. It’s a shame, because they could have potential in the company’s future. Have you ever wondered if an underqualified candidate could be… Read More »