Why Does Hiring Take SO LONG?

When you need a new employee, dawdling isn’t typically on the table. However, even if you’re incredibly motivated, that doesn’t mean your hiring process will go quickly. It can often seem like finding the ideal candidate is closer to a marathon than a sprint, regardless of whether you’re acting with a sense of urgency. But […]

5 Hiring Lessons Learned the Hard Way

  If you want your company to thrive, then hiring the right people needs to be a priority. A single bad hire can derail productivity, hinder morale, and harm the bottom line. Plus, replacing an employee can take a significant amount of time, leaving you shorthanded for a period and further damaging operations. Learning how […]

3 Hidden Expenses of Hiring on Your Own

  When you hire on your own, you are responsible for all costs associated with the activity. This includes paying for advertising, software to handle screening, the time required to review applications, and even website management expenses. While many of the costs of hiring are easy to recognize, others may fly under the radar. Here […]