Job Seeker Tips – Who Should You Use as References?

As a serious job seeker, you may have encountered plenty of job applications that ask you to provide a few references. This often stumps some job seekers, because they are not entirely sure whom they should list here. On the one hand, not providing a reference could cause you to not get considered for the […]

It’s Scary – How to Build Confidence Before Your Job Interview

If you have been called in for a job interview that is a great first step. Just having your resume chosen over dozens of other candidates is a good sign. But now you have to get through the interview. This is usually the most nerve-wracking part of the hiring process. In order to build your […]

5 Non-traditional Interview Questions That Can Help You Select the Best Candidates

If you’ve been interviewing candidates for a few years, you know that the same worn-out interview questions become ineffective over time. That’s because candidates of today are much more prepared and ready to answer with canned responses. In order to take things up a notch, it’s time to employ a few non-traditional interview questions to […]