Need Candidates NOW? The Advance Group Has Them!

Many companies struggle to find the exceptional candidates they need to fill their open positions. The recruitment process can be time-consuming and surprisingly costly. Plus, if you are overburdened with your regular duties, handling hiring becomes a challenge. But, if you need great candidates now, you can’t afford to wait. Luckily, there is a better […]

When to Bid Farewell to a Flakey Job Seeker

  More often than not, a job seeker will be accommodating and appreciative of your taking time to meet with them, even if they do not end up with the position. However, there are times when a candidate becomes a problem. While unexpected things happen to us all, if it seems that all of the […]

Why It’s Important To Conduct Background Checks and How To Do It Legally

The hiring of new employees can be sort of like walking a tightrope. It is important to find the right candidate with the qualifications and integrity to do the job, but in today’s hiring climate it’s impossible to accept clients at face value. To be effective in hiring practices involves delving into the background of […]